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Math Centers


Today we started center rotations in math.  The students really enjoyed them.  They thought they were playing, but really they were learning.  They asked if they could do it everyday.IMG_20130910_130454  We look forward to doing math centers three times a week.IMG_20130910_130343(1)  Check back to see what we are learning.

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Web Of Kindness


Today in Morning Meeting we talked about our FAST philosophy of our school.  Each student had to tell one thing they could do this year to make it a successful year.  After they said their idea they tossed the yarn to another student.  By the end we had a big web.  We then talked about what happens when we don’t listen or follow directions.  We learned it takes away from the classroom and from our learning time.  web

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Curious George Goes Home for the Weekend


george 1Curious George got to go home with Torrin this weekend.  Each week a student will be picked to take him home for the weekend.  They get to journal what they did with him.  This is an activity the whole family can participate with.  On Mondays during Morning Meeting the student will get to tell the class what they did with George.  We look forward to learning about all of the adventures George will get to participate in.

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First Full Week Of Kindergarten


I now have spent 8 days with my new kindergarten students.  I can already tell we are going to have a great year.  We have read the Bucket Book and we are learning to be kind to one and other.  I’m looking forward to many more exciting and fun weeks together.

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They are growing.


When the kids came in on Monday, they were surprised how big the caterpillars were.  We are considering putting them in the tent to see what they do.  People are telling us they do better and grow bigger with more room.  If you have done this please let us know?

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Our New Arrival


Today our caterpillars were delivered.  Our kindergarten class will be learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly.  We put them in individual cups to watch them grow.  We will observe them daily and  write in our science journals.  Check back in with us as we update you on the changes they are making.  Are you learning about lifecycles in your class?

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Welcome to Kindergarten!


We are off to a great start!  Just a reminder the purple homework folder comes home on Monday and needs to be returned on Friday.  The purple folder needs to come back daily so we can keep a good line of communication through our behavior calendar.  Please make sure you look in your childs folder daily and sign it.  Please send in snack once a month.  We have 27 studnets in our class.  Thank you to those families who have sent it in.

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