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Please look for a purple paper in your childs folder.  I would love to meet with you at conferences.

Walk to School


Don’t forget walk to school is this morning.  Meet at the Parks and rec office at 8:25.  We would love to see you.

Student of the Month


Our first student of the month for the year is Yaritzel.  She always fosters excellence in the classroom.  Way to go Yaritzel.

This Year is Over!


Wow!  We had an amazing year.  Looking forward to the summer with my family?  What are you doing this summer?



My kindergarten class has been learning about bats.  Today I put my students into 6 groups of 4.  Each group was given a sheet of mosquitoes.  They had to decide as a team how they were going to cut all of them out.  Then the had to sort them into groups of 10.  The end […]

Hand Washing


Nurse Sue came in to talk to us about the importance of hand washing.  We used special pretend germ lotion to show them all of the germs on their hands.  We used a special black light to help them see the germs.  I hope this will keep us from being sick all winter.  Thank you […]

Red Ribbon Week


Today was Shade Out Drugs Day!   Take a look at us.

Maelee and her Mom taught Science today


Wow! Another fun day of science in kindergarten.  Today Maelee and her mom Melissa brought in smelly containers.  The students had to find the scents that matched.  Some of the scents were garlic, lime and pumpkin spice.  

Stomp Out Bullying


          Today Is October 1st Stomp out bullying day.  We asked all of the students in the school  to wear blue.  My class did a pretty good job.  Way to go kindergarten!



We have been working on characters in a story.  My students created masks of a characters.  Some of them were Cinderella and Luigi.

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