Its Quadblogging time!

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Doesn’t seem like there is never enough time in the day?
This week we are visiting our quadblogging buddies 3/4 G’s.

We are also backtracking and visiting our buddies from Virginia as well. Due to the Thanksgiving break we had a short week and I was out sick one day. That did not leave us much time to blog and we apologize!

So make sure you head on over to
3/4 G’ blog and Crozet 5th grade to leave some quality comments and ask some good questions!

Thank you!!

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A big thank you to Mrs. Bliss’s class for nominating us for an Edublog Award. Many of her students are my students from last year and I am thrilled that they loved blogging so much they convinced Mrs. Bliss to jump on the Edublogs bandwagon! I am one proud 4th grade teacher!

Centennial Train

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This weekend we had a special treat in Arizona. One of the last steam engines built traveled through Arizona to help celebrate our centennial. Here is an article from The Arizona Republic on the train. I live in an area where we see many trains, and we were lucky enough to get to watch it drive by.  Enoy the video!


Why do you think trains were an important part of Arizon’a history?

Have you ever had a chance to ride on a train?

What is a Centennial?

Help out our blogging buddies!

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Our quadblogging buddies from Austrailia, 3/4 G’s are on a mission. They are trying to get comments from each of the 50 states.  Hop on over to their blog to see if your state needs to be represented with a comment! Good Luck Blogging Buddies!

November is all about Family

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I love blogging. I love the sharing that happens between students and teachers. While on this journey I have learned many things and have gained some fabulous ideas from teachers. One teacher I really admire is Mrs. Yollis from California. She does some fantastic things, not only with her blog but with her students.  One thing I really enjoy is her family blogging month. This is such a great opppertunityt o encourage the students to get their families involved in blogging.


So I thought it would be a great thing for us to do as well.  Stay tuned for some family fun and I am leaving you with a picture of my family. My husband, Benjamin (our  son), Madalynn ( our  daughter), and myself!



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Part of Challenge 8  is to look at ways we can draw in more visitors to our blog. Some of our students thought we should add challenging question to our blog and I agree. Each week we will have a weekly brain teaser. See if you can get it right!

Here is this week’s:

Percy has found a new word game. What single four letter word can be placed before each of the words below to make four new words? (hyphenated words are o.k.)

_ _ _ _ TRAP,  _ _ _ _ PLACE, _ _ _ _ BUG,  _ _ _ _ FLY

Good Luck!

Fall Murals

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Edublogs Challenge 7 asked us too be creative. The story we read that week was The Garden of Happiness. At the end of the book the neighborhood children painted a mural on  the side of a wall. I asked the kids to paint a mural of Fall and what it looked like to them. Here is a slideshow of our masterpieces.
Fall Murals on PhotoPeach

Natural Resources and our 5 C’s

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Challenge 6 in the Student Challenge has us looking at natural resources. This was perfect for a lesson that I wanted to teach about Arizona’s 5 C’s. Cotton, Cattle, Climate, Citrus and Cooper make up the 5 C’s and our Arizona’s  major resources. To really learn about the 5 C’s we broke up into small groups and each group was responsible for researching important facts about their C. We then made some glogsters to showcase what we learned. We hope you enjoy! Click on each C to learn more about our natural resources.






Leawood Middle School

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Leawood Middle School

Leawood Middle School blogs

This is our first stop on our Quad Blogging Adventure.  Have fun visiting their website and writing quality comments. Don’t forget to ask tons of questions so we get to know them better!!

Quad Blogging

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I am so excited to be participating in some Quad blogging this year. What is Quad blogging you may ask? Well it is a chance for us to get to know and introduce three classrooms from around the world by our blog. Every week we will visit a new blog and get to know them b y asking questions and leaving quality comments. This will be a great way to make new friends!

Our Quad Blogging Buddies are:

Mrs. Phillips, Australia 

 Mrs. White’s Class, Virginia, USA 

 Ms. Ratzel’s Class, Kansas, USA