Simile’s, Metaphors, Personification, Oh My!!

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We have been working on different types of figurative language this week. To demonstrate what we learned the class got to make Voki’s. Here are a few examples:

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 What do you know about figurative language?

Do you enjoy using these in your writing?






2 Responses to “Simile’s, Metaphors, Personification, Oh My!!”

  1. Jose says:

    Hi my name is Jose from Mr.Millers classroom blog.Those are really cool.I always wanted to get one on my blog.I really love the one Travis made.So there is only one thing to say and that is Bi :).

  2. Adilene says:

    Hey Mrs Martinez’s Class. I’m Adilene from Mr. Miller’s room. The images look cool. What is the little red thing with the stick on his head? Bye.

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