Habitat Meme!

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Brainstormed by Mrs. Martinez Class, Post written by Alexis and Madison

As part of the Edublogs Student Challenge, we have been tagged to do a Meme on what we are proud of, which is our Habitat. (Please click the link to see what this means).Habitat3

This whole year we have been working in the habitat, our outdoor classroom, with Mrs.Goucher. She took lots of time and money creating the habitat. This year Mrs. Goucher told us that this has been one of the best years she has had with the habitat because we have been such a hardworking group.



We have planted many vegetables this year like corn, carrots, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and lettuce. We built a fence and added netting to the top to keep out rabbits and snakes. We also planted Milkweed for the first time. Milkweed is food for Monarch butterflies. We hope to see them visit soon.

Since we have taken good care of the habitat we have seen many animals visit. When we go out we always go and pick up trash. We always welcome animals to come get a drink, sleep or do what they would like. That is why we are all proud of the habitat!

What would you like to know about our habitat? What are you proud of?


We took a class vote to decide who to tag. To carry on the Meme about being proud of something, we would like to tag these classes and people:

Images were taken by Mrs. Martinez students

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  2. Mrs. Turner says:

    I have enjoyed watching you all care for the habitat this year. It really improves the view out my classroom windows. Just this morning we watched a bird who got stuck in the netting, but freed themself with a little help from another bird-friend. It was fun to see. Keep up the good work.

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