Arizona’s Summer Critters

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It’s that time of year again! Animals are coming out of hibernation. Snakes are slithering out of their holes, bears are coming out of their caves.

Here in Arizona, a lot of our critters are coming back. Rattlesnakes, scorpions, rabbits, lizards, birds, tarantulas, and javelinas are all becoming more active.

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Javelinas live in herds and are very territorial. We’ll see babies soon, so don’t mess with them. They can take on anything. They live in the southeastern part of Arizona.

Arizonians know to be careful early in the morning and when the sun sets because the rattlesnakes come close to the houses to maintain their heat. We know to make a lot of noise when we leave the house at those times because a rattlesnake will warn you with its rattle!

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Several types of scorpions live here too. The worst one is the smallest one, the bark scorpion. It’s good to wear shoes in the house so you don’t step on one. You can see them at night with a black light. They shine in a black light.

There are native animals that don’t come out just in the summer time, but are here all year round, like reptiles and birds.

We also see mountain lions, coyotes, rabbits, and bobcats. We live in Arizona, and always see them no matter how bad the weather is. One of the reasons is they are mammals. They have fur to keep them warm and that’s why they come out all year long.

Questions on our Arizona Summer Critters Post:

We would love to hear what you think about our Arizona Critters! Please leave us comments!

  • What critters did we forget and should add to our post?
  • What questions do you have about our critters?
  • What interesting critters do you have where you live that are different than ours?

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13 Responses to “Arizona’s Summer Critters”

  1. Dear Mrs. Martinez’s students,

    Did you know that we once found a gila monster on your playground? It was the year before I was a teacher there, but I heard all about it.

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  2. Wow! You have many interesting critters! We have rattlesnakes here for sure. And we have cougars and bears that sometimes run across our school yard! We need to be on the look out each spring like you do for each of these animals. Cougars, of course, are not actually seen — we find their tracks. They, of course, watch us when we don’t even know they are there! So when we see tracks by the school, the Fish and Wildlife Department need to come out to look for the cougar. Do you have cougars in your area?

    • Brett says:

      Dear Mrs.Edwards

      WOW! Bears and cougars on the playground! That must be scary. No we don’t have cougars, or any bears. Why do they run across your playground? Is there a river with fish on the other side of the playground?

      From, Brett

      • Brett, We live in a very rural area, and yes, a river flows near our school. When reports of bears or cougars occur, the kids must ride the bus to school; they cannot walk or ride their bikes until the coast is cleared by the Fish and Wildlife Department. it doesn’t happen often, but last year we couldn’t walk to school for two weeks.

      • Brett says:

        Dear Mrs.Edwards, TWO WEEKS! That’s a long time.Is it scary when they come on the play ground? What do you do when you find the bears or cougars? From, Brett

  3. Ms. Edwards says:

    Because we enjoy your class and student blogs and have learned about your critters, we say
    Tag! As participants in the student blogging challenge, you have been tagged to take part in a meme about pride. Here is a link to the original post.
    Here is the link to our post tagging you. Thanks for participating!

  4. Ms. Edwards says:

    Oops. Here is a link to the original post. Thanks for your patience while we are learning.

  5. Mr. Avery says:

    Dear Mrs. Watanabe and class,

    Wow! You have some serious critters out there! We don’t really have any animals around us that we have to look out for like you do. The only animals we ever really see around school are wild turkeys! Every great once in a while we might see a deer.

    When I used to live in Georgia, we used to have some snakes and spiders that we’d have to look out for.

    The great thing about having those animals out there is that it’s always interesting to learn about different species that live near you. You definitely have some interesting animals to learn about!

    Your friend,
    Mr. Avery

  6. Mr. Avery says:

    Sorry Mrs. Martinez. I just realized I wrote Mrs. Watanabe! I saw her name in the comments section and accidentally typed it in my comment! I guess that shows why proofreading is so important before you submit something!

  7. Kaileah:) says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,

    Hello, my name is Kaileah. Thank you for commenting on our blog! Our class really likes getting comments. We do have a lot of things to look out for. Yesterday my mom started telling me and my friend about this new insect we have to worry about. Its called the tarantula hawk. What it does is it finds a tarantula and it flies down, and stings the spider. When it stings the spider it hypnotizes it so it drags the spider and lays eggs on it ( the spider is still alive) and the eggs hatch on it and eat the spider alive!

    Your friend,

  8. Angelica says:

    Hi Kaileah,
    Your blog is Awesome every time I come to see it I am just amazed.What other insects do you study?
    Do you love your how every person who reads your blog comments on it to?


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