Mastering Technology!!


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Recently, our building received a cart of “chrome books.”  These are wonderful little computers that really work!  Last week, a sixth grade class came into our classroom and helped our class learn how to use the chrome books. Today the students were able to use the chrome books by themselves and began using a program called ‘Fast Math’ which is a program to help the students increase their fact fluency. Look for your student in these pictures; ask them about the program they used today.  Such great concentration and good work!

Seese’s SuperStars


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  At the end of a school day, have you ever asked your student, “What did you do in school today?” Have they ever answered, “Oh, nothing much!!’ Well, the purpose of this blog will be to tell you the real truth about what we do here at FPES during the day, so you can know and have real relevant conversations with your student about what they are really doing in school!!

 Recently in reading groups, we have learned about the Author’s Purpose for writing and about Characters, Setting, and Plot. These last several weeks in math, the students have been practicing adding with regrouping, including writing in columns and adding money. This week, we actually started learning about the names and values of coins. Next time you have a pocket full of change, ask your student to count it out for you. 

 A meaningful and favorite way of showing and remembering our learning have been the entries the students have made in their Math Journals and Reading Comprehension Flap Books. Some of the students in these pictures are showing examples of their work to you!!










Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!!


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Last week was our Pumpkin Fiesta!! Our story for the week was about two villagers who were growing pumpkins for a contest. Then we read a nonfiction book about pumpkins and learned some great facts. Did you know that pumpkins with more ribs have more seeds? Did you know that a pumpkin’s skin gets darker as it gets older? After the students read and learned, they got a chance to estimate and investigate!! They weighed, measured height and circumference, and estimated the number of seeds in a pumpkin. THEN – the tops were cut off and they got into the pumpkin, hands first!! The seeds were scraped out and counted, and eventually roasted and eaten!! Hope that you enjoy all of our pictures!!

Hello!! Welcome to 2nd Grade SuperStar Blogging!!


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Second Grade has just ended our first Progress Report marking period. How did we get here so quickly?? We have learned wonderful things about each other, and have been working hard in math and writing and reading. What are you/your child excited about for this school year?

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Welcome to my FIRST blog!!


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Hello! We are a second grade class at an awesome elementary school. Our teacher has never ever blogged and she wants to learn how to blog and teach her students to blog also.

Our town-Apache Junction- is about 3o miles from the huge city of Phoenix, Arizona. Apache Junction has 4 elementary schools. Our elementary school is the newest of them all. It has beautiful buildings and a center ‘amphitheater.’ Our playground is at the foothills of a huge mountain called Superstition Mountain.

This second grade class has 23 students in it. There are 12 boys and 11 girls. Most of us ride the bus to get to school and to go home after school. We read books and take tests for something called ‘AR.’ We are trying to be the second grade class that reads the most words this quarter! We are also working very hard to learn our math facts. Every week we take a test that has adding and subtracting problems – some of the problems are easy and some of them are hard! Our goal is to get more correct answers this week than we did the week before. We are mostly pretty good at doing two digit adding and subtracting with regrouping. Next week we will start doing the math with 3 digits!

Every day our principal tells us to ‘learn something new today that you didn’t know yesterday,’ so we are always anxious to learn new things. Last week and this week we have been reading and studying about the differences between folk tales, fairy tales, and fables.

Our weather in Arizona is very nice in the winter, although it has really been freezing here this week! Our teacher hasn’t taken her jacket off for days and days. But tomorrow it is supposed to get up to 70 degrees and that will be just right for playing outside at recess.

We are anxious to hear from other teachers and schools. We are especially excited to learn about our new friends at a school in Colorado. Soon we will write more and even put some pictures on this blog – as soon as our teacher figures out how to do that, that is!

That’s all for now!!

Second Grade Students at Four Peaks Elementary School in Apache Junction, Arizona

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