What are the Animals that Creep in the Deep?


Share with the world what you have learned about the animals in the Mesopelagic, Bathypelagic, Abyssopelagic, and Hadalpelagic zones of the ocean.


In a paragraph or a poem please share what you have discovered about your creature.

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9 thoughts on “What are the Animals that Creep in the Deep?

  1. The Viper Fish is up to 12 inches long. It has a light on its head like the Angler fish. It camouflages from the other predators that try to eat it. They are the most popular predator in the ocean. Its light attracts the smaller fish then eats it like the Angler Fish.

    • All that information is useful to me because it helps me understand the viper fish and other animals from the deep of the ocean.

  2. My fish is a viper fish. An interesting fact is the the viper fish is 15 – 25 cm and it weighs is 23 grams. Some species can be transparent. They have a hig skull. they can live up to 8 years. they have a large mouth.

  3. The fish of the deep sea are very interesting to look at or to research about.Some of these animals have biolumenesents this is a light or bacteria usually attracts prey exploring the deep sea is very fun.

  4. The angler fish can use its lure to hunt pray.When the angler fish has eggs it sets them on silk.The angler fish has many other nick names such as black devil.

  5. I did my paper on cucumber fish and Ms. Byars website was so helpful it gave me many facts and many ideas on the cucumber fish this is the website to be.

  6. The lantern fish is six inches long. It has photophore on the head, underside, and tail. The light attracts fish that it eats and is used in mating. it is known for their diel vertical migrations. It is also known as non-guarding pelagic spawners.

  7. The Snipe Eel upper jaw and lower jaw dont touch when it closes its mouth. The snipe’s beak is bird like.The life span of the snipe eel is up to 10 years.The zone that it lives in is the Bathypelagic zone.Their habitat is known to be world wide.

  8. The Viperfish is the coolest thing I have a ever seen. The viperfish is 11 to 12 inches long. They have a higed skull. It has a large mouth and sharp fang-like teeth.There diet is a carnivore.

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