The Great Plastic Challenge

Did you know that there is a floating garbage dumb in the ocean twice the size of Texas!?!?! Most of this debris is small bits of plastic about the size of your finger nail.

We often see plastic as throw away but the reality is that all the plastic that has been created is still in the world. Plastic either ends up in a land fill where it stays burried or ends up in the ocean where photodegrades into tiny pieces that finds it’s way into the bellies of fish and possibly even our bellies… Dun dun duh!!!!

The Great Plastic Challenge:

I have challenged my class to collect all the plastic that we throw away for a week. This is the amount of plastic we have thrown away in just one day.

Day 1

Plastic 1


What can we do!?!?!?!

Educate the public!!! Using the sites below collect information on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and create a poster educating other students about this issue. State 5-10 facts about the garbage patch. Also, state what they can do to help and limit the amount of plastic in the ocean.

These posters will be hung on the walls throughout the school, so make them excellent!!! The top 5 will be displayed on my blog for the world to see!!!


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