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  1. When you take out one variable of a food chain it effects everyone.
    For example, think of an actual link chain, when one piece is disconnected,the whole thing falls apart and takes a while to make whole again. If an animal went extinct it would cause a chain reaction.The food source would extend growth.The predators would die out as well. Let’s just hope nobody goes extinct…

  2. If an animal in the food chain was extinct then the population would increase or either decrease , it depends on if it is like a bear or maybe a shrimp. ; )

  3. If an animal went extinct then that animal is gone and the animal that ate the extinct the animal wouldn’t have anything to eat. And after a while that animal will go extinct. The animal that the extinct animal would over populate and there would be to many!!!

  4. Food chains are about how lets say the sun makes the plant and then the cricket eats the plant then a frog eats the cricket then the snake eats the frog then the owl eats the snake. That is a perfect example of a food chain or food web.

  5. If you take out one animal from the Northern food chain.Ex. Take the fish out of it. The shrimp will eat all of algae.So then there would be a lot of shrimp but there would be no food for the seals and they would die. So there would be no food for the polar bears and the would die too.

  6. If a animal dies off then the insect/animal that it eats will grow to a huge population. The animal that eats the animal extinct will not be able to eat and will die off too. This would go on and on with every animal on the food chain. This would be a huge problem and a lot of animal will die from it.

  7. If you took the plant out of the food chain, the grasshoppers would have to go somewhere else to find food. The frogs would have to go find more food. Then the snakes would have to go find more food. Finally the owls would have to find more food.

  8. if an fish went extinct then bears and polar bears would starve.The animals would either die or go to another place to get food.The animal depend on other animals, or they depend on plants like bunnies, and guinea pigs.Animals like us eat other animals and plants too.

  9. If you take one animal out of the food chain the food chain will fall apart. For instance, if you take a fish out of the food chain, the shrimp will eat all the grass. The grass will all be gone. The bears will not get anything to eat. The food chain will fall apart.

  10. If an animal in the food chain went extinct then the population would decrease or increase. If a shrimp went extinct then the fish that eat shrimp would run out of food. Then the fish would die because they wouldn’t have food.

  11. If there was a animal missing from the food chain the process would be very different and would affect everyone. The process would take longer to get energy to everyone. The larger animal would have to eat smaller animals to make the chain work again. It would also mean larger animals would get more energy, because the animal that is missing would not be using the energy that they usually use.

  12. If an animal in the food chain went extinct then most animals would eventually die. It would impact the rest of the food chain because the grass would get the energy from the sun. The grass was eaten by a cricket. The cricket would be eaten by the frog.The snake eats the frog, the owl eats the snakes. This means if one animal became extinct all those animals would die from lack of food.

  13. If an animal in the food chain goes extinct, then,depending on where it is on the food chain, the animals further on the food chain would die too. This would impact the food chain by a smaller food chain. A smaller food chain would be bad because all of those innocent animals are dying. Also we wouldn’t have access to all of the food we have now.

  14. If a animal went extinct then the food chain would go haywire. Such as a polar bear if it went extinct then there would be no animal to eat the seals. Then the seals will eat all the fish. Without fish there would be lots of shrimp.

  15. If an animal in the food chain went extinct then the rest of the animals have nothing to eat. For example: If all the fish died then a bear won’t have anything to eat. The rest of the animals in the food chain can still eat each other.

  16. If there was no fish then the seal would go hungry and so would the polar bears and bears. If i took all frogs in the world anything past that would go hungry and they could end up eating each other and it is not going to be pretty. If i took away sun it would could and every body could die ( even though i can’t really take away the sun) and when the animals go to eat their food it would be cold and disgusting. Every single step is important to the sources.

  17. If a animal in the food chain got extinct then all of the other animals would die.If one is gone then the animal that eats that animal that died then it would be hungry.If that animal has nothing to eat then it would not live much longer. If that keeps happening then all animals would be hungry,sick and dieing

  18. Lets say, if there was no fish no more, polar bears would go hungry and then the polar bears would die. if there was no more frogs, crickets or grass hoppers would invaid on the grass and plants. if there was no more shrimp then we would starve, maybe not die but we would no longer eat fish. if there was no more owls, there would be more mice and bugs that are gross, and maybe dangerous.

  19. If one animal from the food chain is gone or extinct what would happen? Well if that happened then the food chain would not work. So if the frog goes extinct then the grass hoppers will eat all the grass, then there would be to much grass along with the grass hoppers. Then the snakes who normally eat the frogs would live off of grass hoppers. Then the owl who eats the snake would not have a lot of food. So there for not a lot of animals would want to eat them so they would become over populated.

  20. If animals in the the food chain went extinct animals would become over populated and the last animal on the food chain could possibly die.For example if the snake goes extinct the owl could die because the owl does not eat a frog.So the owl could die.

  21. If an animal goes extincted then the plant will not be able to be eaten so it’ll over populate. And the animals that eats the extinct animal will not be able to have the extra food. There will be to much plants for animals to eat. We have to make sure that animal dosen’t go extinct.

  22. If shrimp where existent, then the plants they eat will become over grown. The fish that eat shrimp will have to find a new place to eat. If the fish move then the seals will not have food to eat and starve to death. Then polar bears will starve with no food.

  23. If the fish went extinct then the shrimp would over populate the lakes and the rivers.Also if fish went extincted the the bears would be hungry they wouldn’t be able to get as much food as they need.Also if the bears died then they wouldn’t be any bears to keep the fish populations down.Then if there were to many fish they would take up a lot of space in the ocean,lakes, and rivers.

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