Ms. Byars woke up to find a plastic bag wrapped around her favorite rosemary bush! As she examened the bag closer she saw that little water droplets appeared in the bag.


Using the words xylem, stomata, roots, and stem pretend you are a water molecule and going through this crazy process of transpiration. USE EVIDENCE BASED TERMS TO SOUND SOPHISTICATED.

For bonus points explain some of the results of transpiration. ( There are five results, use your notes!!!)

When finished you can

A) go to AND CLICK on launch objective then CLICK ON “the cycle” THEN READ AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! Do not ask Ms. Byars for help unless you A) asked three before me B) READ ALL DIRECTIONS!!!!


B) you may visit other blogs and comment

36 thoughts on “Transpiration

  1. It’s a sunny day and i’m falling to a flower.I get sucked into the roots and up the xylem. Then I go in the stomata ad the stomata transpirate me. Next I get kicked out of the plant and now im free at last.

  2. I am Bob the rain. One day i fell and hit the ground. Next thing i knew i was being sucked up the roots of a plant. Next i shot up the Xylem cells super fast. Finally the plant cannon balled me out of the stomata.

  3. There I was a water molecule then out of no where I was sucked up the roots. Then I went up the xylem. Then I was in a leaf and out of the stomata.

  4. One day I fell down hit the ground went up a plants root then I went up the xylem and I saw all of my friends and I said “Hi everybody”. Then I think the plant got sick of me so it spit me out the stomata.

  5. Ahhhhh! It is such a nice day to be a rain drop! The clouds are out and no sound to be heard. I have just hit the ground and have started sinking. Oh no! I am going through the transpiration process! Oh well! I have just been sucked up by the roots and now I am going through the xylem. Now that I am in the leaves I can see the stomata and chloroplasts. Weeeee! I have just gone through the stomata and released into the air.

  6. One day i woke up and i was falling out of the sky. Then i was soaked up the roots of a dandelion. Then i was soaked up the xylem and them i went to the stomata and out i went and boy let me tell you i am tired but i am scared to go back to sleep again because i might fallout of the sky again.

  7. I’m raining right now…PLOP i’m in the roots of a sunflower going up into the xylem and i’m going up up up it and now i’min a leaf…. OUCH…now that hurt. I cant believe i just got kicked out of the stomata. now i’m dried up and dying.

  8. I am a water molecule in a pond. I was near the edge of the pond when a root sucked me up. I traveled up the xylem and up to the leaves.In the leaves I found my way to the stomata. I had cooled the plant down now I was being evaporated.

  9. I am in the roots. Now I am in the xylem. In the stomata. He pushed me out. He is MEAN! Now I am cooling the plant because of what I did.

  10. I’m a water molecule! And I’m dropping, dropping, dropping……
    Woah! I’m in the roots. Here i go up, up, up……
    Oh, I see, I’m in the xylem! Now I’m in the leaves. Here I go through the stomata. Bye! Now all I have to do is wait for a human to breath me in……..

  11. I am a water molecule that fell from the sky. I got suck up by the roots. Then I am going up the xylem. Last, I get to the top, and the stomata kicks me out.

  12. I would be sucked up by the roots. Know i am going up xylem to the leaves.
    And know I am going out the stomata. Then I cooled the plant And then it stared all over agian

  13. Just enjoying my dropping from the sky.Then “ouch”,i got sucked in by the roots.Then i went up this creepy tube called the xylem.Then the cells saw me and i said ” just chilling”.Then this guy stomata kicked me out of the fun cycle.Then i found out i was a magician and i disappeared

  14. I am a water molecule. I go in to a plant. But the soil absorbs me. Then I go up the roots. Next, I go up the xylem. Last, I went to the stomata and I am gone.

  15. One day i was a water droplet and i fell from the sky and the roots from the ground got me and i traveled up the xylem and right up into the leaves then i went to the stomata the i cooled the plant and i got evaporated.

  16. I’m in the sky i fall 10,000 feet on to the ground i hurt my back the then roots suck me up then i go to the xylem i shoot up relay fast then i find the stomata the then the stomata throws me up ewww i’m throw up then the process stars all over :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  17. hello i am a water molecule and i am going to be sucked up into the xylem now i am going up the xylem now i am going out the stomata into the air.

  18. I’m water i got sucked up by the roots of a plant. Then xylem pumped me up to the leafs. Then the stomata kicked me out. Then a 2 year old sucked me in. The results of transpiration are plants get cooled, water flows from the roots to the shoots, water is released in to the air, transports minerals,roots absorb more water through cohesion.

  19. Oh no, I’m a water molecule. I fell from the sky. I’m in the ground waiting for some roots to suck me up. I’m sucked up no! I went up the xylem and now i’m in the leaves. I hope this adventure is over…oh no it’s not I got kicked out from the stomata. Now i’m in the air with some oxygen.

  20. One day i was falling from the sky. I landed on the floor and got sucked in from these long tentacle like things called roots. Then, the xylem gave me a fun ride up the stem and landed on a leaf. Then, these mean guys called stomata kicked me out fro talking to the xylem to long. Ohh well I’m going to miss that little xylem. Well time to take a swim in the pond. BYE!!!!

  21. first I fell down from the sky into the soil. I got eaten by a big big very big tree. My friend told me that it was a xylem and he is writ here he want to say hi. HI!..I am going into a moth now


  22. One day i got dropped down from the sky into the dirt then i got sucked up by the roots. into the xylem trying to find the stomata . FInaly, i find the stomata then i exit from the stomata ya i’m i’m keeping the plant cool.

  23. I am falling ohno. Great Im getting sucked up the roots. Wheeeeeeeee Im going up the Xylem. This is going to be a bumpy ride.Here I go WHEEEEEEEE Im flying out of the stomata!!

  24. Here we go again… down into the cold dark ground. Here comes the roots. I get sucked up and go from roots to shoots. Now I am air and I want to go find another fun adventure.

  25. Wee, I’m a little water drop and I just fell from the sky. Wee now I’m in the ground. Hey look white elevator. “Ding” here I go from the roots to the shoots (xylem). Into to the leaves I go. Out the stomata and now I’m freeeeeeee here we go again.Bye

  26. I’m a little water droplet and I’m just getting sucked up by the roots. I’m now entering the xylem tube. I’m just about to be pushed out by the stomata. Here I go!

  27. It is such a nice day the sun is out and the birds are chirping OOPS I forget to tell you something that might be a little important Im a little person and I mean little Im even smaller than the smurfs way smaller antway Oh NO I just got sucked up into a rain droplet Im doomed for life , now Im going down into the ground getting read to be soaked into leaves and up the xylem finally Im exiting the stomata AHHHHHH fresh air at last.

  28. weeee! i’m going down a cloud and i’m going down ahhh! how do i stop!!! ahhh splat ouch that hurt. I am getting sucked in by a rose now i am going up the xylem. Finally i am at the stomata and going to the leaves to be evaporated to the air. Hey look new friends i am going to play with them now bye!

    Hi i’m a rain drop safely in the ground up the roots and though the xylem and out the stomata.

  30. Hi i am a little rain drop, i am about to be sucked in a plant’s root’s now i am going into the xylem.Now i am in the leaves going in the stomata now i am going to do the cycle all over again.

    THAT’S MY life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. the viper fish is 11 to 12 inches long.The viper fish can go 5,000 feet to 1,500 meters. The viper fish makes it’s own light with a process of bioluminscecence. They have hinged skull. It has a large moth and sharprfarang-like teeth

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