Skeletal System!

Did you know that a baby is born with over 300 bones?!?!?!? BUT there are only 206 bones in the human body!

Today we will be hard at work creating life size replicas of our skeletal system, just like this.

Skeletal Photo

Please share any fun facts you have learned about the skeletal system in the comment section.

When finished click on the link below and try your hand at creating a skeleton.


6 thoughts on “Skeletal System!

  1. I think that’s nice that you guys did the same thing we did in Mr.Lockwood’s class but we drawled our body’s and drew our inside body parts instead of drawing a skeleton and our bones it was cool.

  2. Hey I think that is nice that you guys did the same thing we did in Mr. Lockwood class but we traced our body’s and we put our body parts in it and we were so happy and we saw videos of the heart.

  3. I did learn that the skeletal system build the shape of the body.But to move we need the skeletal system and the muscular system.The muscular system moves the bones so that person can move like walking, running, playing sports, and do whatever you love to do.To keep it healthy you need to drink milk ever day to keep it strong and harder to break.Without bones how we can live because we could not get our food or water bones are very important even animals need bones to live.Without bones there will be no life but there is bones and there is life for eons.

  4. Ms. Byars…we think it was fun getting to read your blog. We read the skeleton system and it was fun to learn that babies have more bones then an adults. Ms. Byars… in Mr. Lockwood’s class we also did replicas of the human body. We want you for a teacher for 6 grade!!! We think your blog is amazing! Getting to see what your class does is cool because it makes us want you more for a 6 grade teacher.Because of your blog we get to know how much fun 6 grade student have in your class!!! <3

  5. in Mr.Lockwoods class we learned about what was inside are body we watched videos on it and we traced are body and we put what we had in are insides on are paper it was a lot of fun and i learned what the insides of are body looks like and what was inside are body 🙂 it was really fun

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