The Digestive System!!!

Do you ever wonder what happens to your food after you eat it? Or wonder how our bodies get energy? Well it is time to learn what is going on with your stomach!

Click on the link below to learn about the organs that make up the digestive system.

Student Challenge:

You woke up one day and were a piece of food. Describe the exciting journey you would take through the digestive system!



10 thoughts on “The Digestive System!!!

  1. Hello,i am apple i’m being sliced up and chewed up and going down the esophagus. It is fast. Now I an in the stomach it is nasty. Now I am the Small intestine I am being converted into energy and i am in the bloodstream.I just got into the Large intestine i am now in the rectum waiting to be put in the toilet as waste.

  2. Hi, I’m a spring roll.Right now i’m being put in the mouth. Now i’m going into the esophagus. I’m in the stomach and i’m getting sprayed by acid.Now i’m chyme going into the small intestine and getting turned into nutrients. Now i’m going through the swirly large intestine. I’m in the rectum (A.K.A. the waiting room). Now I’m coming out the anus and into the toilet. Splash!

  3. Oh no! I’m about to be eaten! Oh, well, maybe it’ll be fun. I’m getting chewed! Wee!!!! Down the esophagus i go! Uh oh. Where am i know? Oh, I know, I’m in the stomach! Acid is getting all over me! Thank goodness that’s over. Ok, I’m fine, wait uh oh, here we go again! Ah now I’m in the small intestine swiriling around. It’s kinda comphy in here. Ah no now I’m swishing around, and I’m with chyme? Oh, no time to think I’m moving again. Now I feel weird I’m in the rectum!Here I go I’m in the anus. I’m moving!

  4. Hello, anybody down there, because here I come, a piece of steak. I am racing down the esophagus the next thing I know I am in the stomach. I am melting because the acid is turning me into chyme. All of a sudden I am in the small intestine. I am getting dizzy :{ from all that spinning. We are almost done with the cycle. Next, is the large intestine. My trip is almost complete. Next, I am now in the rectum or (waiting room). Then finally, I come out the anus!!!

  5. Hello, food down there I shall be coming down there well here I come going down the esophagus going 100 mph it seems like an awesome roller coaster I think I can see the stomach from here. Boing, wow this stomach is bouncy. Aaghh, what is this stuff spraying all over me oh I know its acid I come small intestine wow this is fun going in circles all the time oh man I think i’m getting sick oh finally i’m out of that swirly thing now I have to wait in this very busy rectum. Man I guess this guy who ever ate me must be hungry he still is cause i here someone coming down. Oh, hear I go down through the anus ha, ha I just said anus. Man now i’m in the toilet i don’t want to be in this ugly thing. Oh wait don’t leave yet I forgot to tell you that I am a cheesburger.

  6. so i got eaten and i was scared i was falling and it was dark i was in the esophagus i fell in to a big round room and something was spraying on me it was like a car wash it was melting me so i left to the large intestant that was like a roller coaster it took me really fast to a waiting room with things like me we were waiting to get dry and harder from the acid melting us then we go to a pool called a toilet then a sewer.

  7. I know a lot about the digestive system. It is very interesting. I really like your blog. I’m in Mr.Lockwood’s class. He is a fifth grade teacher. I really like the worm on the hock that goes up and down. I also like the fish at the bottom. How much do your kids know about the digestive system? I’m pretty sure you kids learned a lot. If you want you can reply to me and give me some tips. The kid’s in my class don’t know everything so you can tell us some tips. I’m sure we can learn a lot from you. How many kids are in your class? Have fun in class kids.

  8. I know that the food goes to the mouth than the esophagus than the stomach then the small intestines and the large intestines then the waste goes out of the body.Sorry I didn’t reply earlier.

  9. I was hoping to see how the kids are doing.I mean with all this rain it isn’t hard to get hypothermia or the cold or any sickness like that.Are you sick?I haven’t heard from you in a while so I was wondering.It is very rainy but i like it because I was born in AZ in the summer so I love the cold.I know I haven’t talked on the blog for a while though.My teachers blog is The Lockwood Crew.You should check it out.We have some cool stuff that your kids might enjoy to.So I hope to here from you soon.

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