Ancient Mesopotamian Bricks!

6th Grade has been hard at work learning about Ancient Mesopotamia! We spent a long time researching various parts of Ancient Mesopotamian society and then writing an essay to present what we learned. Later on we will be presenting a visual aid to support our research… stay tune!






Society/ Culture

While studying about this ancient culture we learned about how they made bricks out of the materials they had; water and dirt! In science class we’ve been learning about the importance of water and waters four properties: solvent, metobolite, lubricant, and temperature regulator. We used water as both a solvent and a lubricant to make the bricks and clean up after ourselves.

We asked: How did the Mesopotamians use the scientific Method to determine which material make the best bricks?

Mesopotamian 9


First, we mixed together water and dirt to make the mud bricks. We packed the mold full just like the Ancient Mesopotamians  did, then we used water as a lubricant to easily free the mud brick from the mold. We repeated the steps for the plaster and rock mixture. Finaly, let the bricks bake in the sun for three days just like the Mesopotamians.

Mesopotamian 6 Mesopotamian 5 Mesopotamian 4 Mesopotamian 3 Mesopotamian 2 Mesopotamian 1

According to our data what materials made the best bricks?

What did you learn about making bricks?

What would you suggest doing differently next time?


12 thoughts on “Ancient Mesopotamian Bricks!

  1. The best brick was the mud.The mud was the best because it was harder than the kitty liter, but the plaster was close to not break.

    It took a long time to make the brick. The brick took 3 days to harden.

    I would use different materials. I would use salt instead of the kitty liter.

  2. The mud brick was the best because it survived the touch test the pick up test and the drop test it was the strongest.

    I learned how the Ancient Mesopotamians made bricks and it was a lot of fun making the bricks.

    In the future I think I will still use the mud because it survived my classmates didn’t listen to me.

  3. According to my data the best brick had to be the plaster, but it still crumbled a little it stayed strong. I learned that Mesopotamians had it hard it must have taken them a long time to make bricks and that they must have made a mixture of different types of mud and cement. I would suggest using different materials or mixing more to see if it stays together and stands the tree tests.

  4. 1.I think the mud brick was the best because it didn’t break on any of the tests
    2.I learned that making bricks must have been hard for the mesopotamians to make
    3.I would suggest that we use better materials next time, like cement or something

  5. 1. not really any, because the just fell apart.

    2. i learned that nothing comes out like you hoped,
    it takes forever to know what you made.

    3.i’d let it dry more and i’d keep the metal thing in there for the entire dry up thing so it would be absoultly perfect.

  6. According to my group and what we tested plaster made best brick.The plaster seemed to say in it shape when it dryed and it seem to hold up the longest.The kitty litter product wich was suppose to be like rock probably made the worst brick in my opinion it just imedantly fell apart when we tryed to pick it up.We also learned that the Mesopotamians went through alot just to bulid there houses they had to put bricks one by one to build there houses.Now we use heavy machinery and hire people to do it for us.Based on how our groups bricks turned out I would use less water than we did on the mud brick and pack in all are bricks a litter more to get a better shape so they would hlod up longer.

  7. I thought plaster was the best brick. I did mine out of plaster. When we tested it mine almost survived. Test 1 was poke it with your finger, Test 2 was pick it up, Test 3 was pick it up almost an inch off the ground and drop it. Mine broke on test 3. I really think that all of them worked.

  8. 1 ) The plaster that we used actually stayed the best unless you didn’t pack the material in enough
    2 ) I learned that if you give stuff time to develop will become a success at the end and if it didn’t that you can always try again.
    3 ) I suggest that next time we use a bigger shape thing so it could be bigger and also to pack it in more.

  9. The plaster made the best brick. It passed all of the tests (touch, pick up, and drop) and it was fine in my backpack. I learned that the Mesopotamians had to work hard to build their houses. The bricks took a long time to dry and waiting is never fun, especially when your trying to build your house. I would make my brick different from what we did at school. I wouldn’t add as much water to the mixtures. I would also keep the brick in the mold the whole time it dries. And i would use different mixtures like paper, medal, or even bits of a real brick in the mixing bowl. It was fun and i learned a lot, i would do different things and make my brick last forever!!!!!

  10. The best brick was plaster because it dried faster then the others which made it harder. I learned that it was hard to make bricks back in Ancient Mesopotamia. Next time try I would try it with the metal shape in the mold for the whole 3 days.

  11. i think that plaster was the best brick. the rock mixture looked like kitty litter. the mud just looks weird.miss byars is asome!!!!!!!!!

  12. I think making Mesopotamia bricks sounds really cool! I would really like to do a project like that. I wonder how strong some of the bricks are? You guys are lucky you get to projects like that instead of just getting worksheets. I’m not saying I don’t get stuff to do!

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