The Cell

We are going to begin our new unit on the basic building blocks of life… CELLS!!! We will be starting our BIG CELL PROJECT ,so get your creative juices flowing. You will have an opporunity to create both a plant and animal cell out of everyday items, it can even be edible! Our Due date is Tuesday October 1st and it is worth 75 points! So get them done early and save yourself the stress.Here are some ideas from the past.

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Here are some websites to help you:


Please Respond to these three questions in complete sentences!!!

1. What do you already know about the cell?

2. What do you know about the difference between a plant and animal cell?

3. What do you plan on making your cells out of?




22 thoughts on “The Cell

  1. 1.I don’t remember anything about cells.
    2.I don’t know the difference between plant and animal cells.
    3.I am planning about making the cells out of everyday household items.

  2. 1.I know little about the cells
    2.The difference between an animal cell and a plant cell is that the are shaped differently
    3.I’m planning on making them out of materials that come from the store.

  3. #1 i know that every living thing is made up of cells.
    #2 i don’t know what the difference is between a plant cell and a animal cell is.
    #3 i plan or using cake and candy to make the animal and plant cell project.

  4. I know that a plant cell and an animal cell has a membrane.

    I know the difference between a plant and animal cell is that plant cells are inside plants and animal cells are inside animals.

    I plan to make my cells out of household items , food ,or clothing.

  5. 1.) I know cells are a big part of life and they make up every living thing.

    2.) Plant cells have a special ability to make the sun into the plant’s food.Animal cells help the organism throughout the body in breakdown of foods.

    3.) I plan on making “Sweet” cells for my project.I may use Kitkats, Nerds,and all these different types of candies!

  6. 1. I don’t remember about the cell.

    2.I do not remember much about the cells.

    3. I plan to make my cell out of everyday things that are at my house.

  7. The cell is a basic but complex building block of life.
    A plant cell has different characteristics than an animal cell.
    I plan on making my cell out of frosting on a giant cupcake.

  8. I know that all living organism have it, also it has a nucleus, animal cells have a cell wall, and a plant cell has a cell membrane . One has a membrane and one does not.I plan on making it by sewing things,candy, or baking it.

  9. 1. I don’t know a bout a cell.

    2. A the difference between a plant cell then a animal cell is that a plant cell looks like a oval shape.

    3. I plan to make them out of clay.

  10. i know that a plant cell has more cells than an animal cell.
    i know that cells are things inside an plant’s,animals,and people.
    i will make mine out of cupcakes and something else.

  11. I don’t remember much about the cell.
    I do not know the differences between the two cells.
    I haven’t thought about what I’m going to make it out of.Maybe out of food…

  12. The diffference is that plant cells are sort of rectanglar and animal cell are circular.
    They both have Nucleuses.
    I dont know yet.

  13. I know very little about cells and there is a lot I want to learn.

    The difference between a animal and a plant cell is an animal cell is square and the plant cell is a sphere

    I plan on making mine out of play-doh and cloth

  14. i know a plant has something that the animal cell does not have
    i can tell the difference between the cells is that on has a bigger vacuole and one has a smaller one
    cake or something.

  15. A plant cell has more organnels than an animal cell.A plant cell has a call wall,chloroplasts,a square shape,and one large vacuole.I have already made my cell out of lots and lots of different candies from nerds to gummy sodda bottles.

  16. I fell from the sky after it rained. I landed on the dirt and got soaked up by the soil. Then from the roots after that I cooled the plant down. Then up the stem I go. After all of that I go to the stomata then leave.

  17. I’m heading to earth! The ground is not so hard i’m practicably sinking. Now i’m going through the roots. Now i’m in the xylem speeding along. Now i leftt through the stomata and cooled down the plant.

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