Another Buds Blog

When I soon found out my best buddy Jake had a blog, I wanted to send a link.  I asked him to send the link to his blog so I could put in on my blog. I just wanted to show his blog out to the world. He said yes that I could put it on my blog. I allowed him to put my link on his blog. So if you want to check out his blog look at this link →

Student Blogging Challenge

I entered a student blogging challenge for students who have their own blog. The challenge was to create an avatar and put it on your blog and write a post about it. My avatar has blond hair with blue eyes. Also as a bonus challenge was to create avatars for your whole family but I only made an avatar for myself. Once you get a blog go to the student blogging challenge. What will your avatar look like? How will he/she speak? Many people have entered and did the challenge and I’m one of those people.

My Winter Break

I did many things over my winter break and I will like to share 4 things about my break. Me and my sister flew in to Oregon alone to see our dad for our winter break. The plane ride didn’t scare us because we have done it many times. We played our dads X box so we can play Minecraft and watch Netflix. Me an my sister built a battle zone and a few horse pens on Minecraft. We watched a Netflix series called Portlandia. I think Portlandia is funny. Our dad took us to Mt. Hood so we can go tubing down a small slope. The small slope went crazy fast you had to stop yourself before you hit a fence. There was also an extreme hill that went straight down! I didn’t ride it but my sister said, “it was awesome.” New years eve was fun. We made so much noise on the new year with pans, horns, and noise makers. I thought we woke the neighbors up. I had lots of fun over my winter break. Was your winter break fun? What did you do over your winter break that you liked?

Engineering: Lego Plane

 Dear Friends,

When I grow up I want to be an engineer. I’m practicing now by making my own designs.This plane took me 2 days to build. It has a moving propeller and a engine. There is a engine key to start the propeller. I think it is very awesome. The plane is large and it uses a crane for the tail of the plane. The plane has an engine attached to the propeller that will move. I hope you like this video. What do you want to be when you grow up? I wonder if you ever built anything like my plane?  I hope you can build something like this.

Your friend,


Kyle’s Lego Blog Video from Shana Myers on Vimeo.

Little Updates

I have a few things about school that I want to share with you,  so these mini updates will catch you up. I have 3 things to share with you. So the 1st one is changing fractions into decimals. I like it because It can turn into a decimal so you can justify answers better. What if you need to have a decimal but it is a fraction so you can turn the fraction into a decimal. The 2nd thing I want to tell you is adding fractions with bigger fractions. I think that is awesome to make other fractions. If you need a bigger fraction you need to add them up and it works! The 3rd thing I want to tell you is adding and subtracting decimals. That is an awesome method! The reason this is an awesome method is for math if you need an answer for math bingo. Do you have some stuff to share with me about learning?

What Have You Learned?

Every year school is getting harder, and also more exciting, by the cool learning strategies . This is one thing I learned this year. I learned the box method! You can use the box method for division and multiplication. Box method uses distributive property to break it apart, and find the products for each part. 20140923_075218I like the box method because it is easy to set up but you need to know multiplication to do it.  It helps me because I’m bad at two digit standard algorithm, so I use my box method to do it. The other difficult one is the lattice, the lattice can confuse me a lot. Once it goes to division it will be harder to do than multiplication strategies. That’s one thing I learned this year that has really helped me. What have you learned this year? What learning are you excited about? What has been the hardest thing you’ve had to learn?


Your friend,