Who knew seeds could grow without light!

Over the last quarter we have spent lots of time learning about plant tropisms. We learned that plants respond to different stimuli; light, gravity, water.

We did an experiment with mustard seeds, a damp paper towels and baggies. After placing our mustard seeds on a damp paper towel and into a baggie, we taped our bags into the INSIDE of our cupboards. We wanted to see how geotropism and hydrotropism worked. You can see that the seeds sprouted and the roots grew down and the stems are growing up. This is true for geotropism.

Isn’t it interesting that they were able to grow without light?

The Incredible, Edible Cell!

Hello friends! We have been learning about cells and all of their organelles! Today we actually created cells out of a variety of things! Take a look at these awesome cells!

Thank you Teaching Channel for this awesome idea! We had a great time!


What do you know about plant and animal cells? Can you pick out the differences?