Crew Words

As the 1st semester came to an end, we asked our 6th grade Crew members to look back and reflect. After being a part of our Crew for 2 quarters, students were asked many questions including how they felt about their jobs, how much they liked being a part of the Crew and what do the letter C.R.E.W mean to them now. Take a look at all the great words they came up with!

Wordle: Crew Words


More About Water!

As we were learning about water last week, we started asking some really good questions! Miss Holmquist had us spend some extra time researching the answers to these questions. Here are some of our presentations showing the questions and answers we worked on.

Water, water everywhere!

This week we have been learning all about the water cycle. We spent time learning about the processes involved and we actually SAW the cycle in action on Thursday!

Today, we started working on a Career File. We read about 2 different careers that deal with water. Some of the 6th graders explained what job they would like to have when they grow up.

6A Water Jobs from Katrina Holmquist on Vimeo.

6C Water Jobs from Katrina Holmquist on Vimeo.

6B Water Jobs from Katrina Holmquist on Vimeo.

Ancient Times

By Josh and Ryan

     In Social studies we learned about Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. We do all kinds of projects and learning activities. Miss Holmquist is a super fun teacher. In Ancient Mesopotamia, we did a GRAPES assignment, which was fun and exciting. We learned about the religiong, and how they belieeved in several gods. They were also the first people to make writing. They lived in the Fertile Cresent which they used to grow crops. One of the kings of Mesooptamia was the first to create laws, cool right? So you can see we’ve done cool things in Miss Holmquist’s awesome class.


By Henrich

I like Ancient Egypt with all the Nile River stuff and how it is close to Mesopotamia. But I don’t like mummification. It sounds crazy!!! I mean, they don’t even care about the brain. Is that what they really did?

Ancient Egypt

By Branden

In class for the last 5 days we have been learning about Ancient Egypt! We were studying mummification, the Nile River and how they make their living. Ancient Egypt was a fun topic and was interesting. We also talked about the mountains and how it flooded into the Nile River and made it possible to plant and grow crops. The Egyptians were smarter than I thought!

Ancient Egypt Seasons

By Makenzie

In Ancient Egypt, they have three different seasons. During dry season, flood season, and planting season. During dry season, the river is small and easy to cross. there are no crops and the river is small enough for one boat a a time.  During flood season, the snow from the mountain melts and travels down to the Nile River. The Nile covers all the dirt with water and brings silt from the mountain onto the dirt and the dirt takes in the silt to help the crops grow. During planting season, the river gors back to normal . All the farmers start planting the crops.Then they gather the crops when they are ready. Then it starts all over every year.

Social Studies

By: Crystal , Marcus and Katelyn 

In Social Studies we learned about mummys and how you do mummification. Mrs. Holmquist makes it fun so we feel we are not even learning. The Nile River is a part of Egypt, it flows North unlike all the rivers in the world. It also is the longest river in the world, it is over 700 miles long. One of the steps of mummification is taking the brains out by the nose. They thought brains were not important so they threw it away! They mummys were rubbed in natron. Then they were wrapped in twenty layers of linen. After they were done mummifying, it was time for the funeral. They hired people to cry and throw dust in their hair.

Isn’t that weird?

Ancient Egypt

This week we have been focused on Ancient Egypt. We learned where the term “Rosetta Stone” comes from and why all those commercials about it have to do with language. Here’s what 6C learned.

What about you? What do you know about ancient writings?