Water Weighs how much?

This first week back we have been working on understanding how important water is to living organisms.

Today we looked at this in more detail. We weighed fresh fruit and dried fruit to see what the difference was. We found that all of the dried fruits weighed less than the fresh fruits. We concluded that this has to do with the amount of water taken out of the fruit when it is dried.

How much water do you think the human body needs to survive?

Here’s what we learned today!

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  1. Hello 6th graders! WE are learning about water! Did you know that our bodies hold 72% of water? Do you know what some things we need water for?


  2. We need 70% at least in our body just to keep us hydrated.After a day you must drink water mostly everyday.

    • Dear Eric, I agree with your comment, but if a small child is checked, don’t they have about 60 percent? From Logan

  3. hi everyone this is an easy topic on the first week back to school I think it would take 1 gallon of water a day . who agrees.by from: michael 6A

  4. hello 6th grade we are learning about water. Did you know that we have 72% of water of water in your body?



  5. Dear 6th grade
    This week we learned about water and why its important to us.But why is it that the human body needs so much water?

  6. what we learned today was awesome learning how different types of fruit weigh and to think that dried fruit would weigh less i was wrong i then today i learned that dried fruit weighs more then not dried fruits learning about science every morning with miss. HolmQuist is cool i like having her as my home room teacher i would like to do this kind of thing everyday in science so 5th grades you have fun coming your way.

  7. Hello 6th grade and my groups dried apricot weighed more then our fresh one or the one that`s not dried.I think the human body needs about 2 to 3 gallons of water per day.


  8. If you don’t drink water for 3 days you could die by dehydration.you need at least 70% of water in your body.all the dried fruits weighed less than the fresh except the dried pineapple ring weighed more than the fresh pineapple ring.

  9. Hi 6th graders we have about 75% of water in our body.it is importent to drink watter every day stay healthy.


  10. Hello 6 grade I will be talk about how important water is. water is very important you need to drink a lot .that why it is so important in are life. how much water do u think that humans body needs to survive. we need to use a lot of water to do thinks in life like showers and other things in life, thanks for come to this blog

  11. Hello readers

    How many water does a human body need to survive? we all need 72% of water a human body needs.


  12. Hello 6 grade I am going to be talking about the important of water. If you dont water the you will get dehderadid and you will die so that is wiy it is importit to dreak water.

  13. Hello to readers,
    The human body needs a lot of water to keep your skin moist and to move nutrients around your whole body.

  14. We need 72% of water in our body because if we don’t have water in our body we will die right away!

  15. Greeting 6th graders we learned about water this week and I learned that water makes things heavier than some other objects.

    By Zane

  16. hello my fellow 6th graders what i have learned is lots about water, like how we can conserve water,and how we can use water.

  17. hello 6 grader

    How mush water do you need water does human need to survive?It depends on the size of the human but in are case we need 70% of water in are body.

  18. Hello readers!! Today we learned about how much water was important to us. We conducted an experiment on how much fruits weighed. The fresh fruits weighed more since they have water inside. Dry fruits however, were very light water is very important to us. We must drink at least 2 liters of water! That’s Half a gallon of water.
    See you next time readers! -Katie

  19. Hello 6th graders this week we have been learning about water organisms and the importance of water this week! Did you know that 72% of water is in your body?

  20. Dear 6th graders,
    Today in science class we weighed many fruits, the dried pineapple weighed more than the fresh pineapple. It was very fun! I hope you guys enjoyed it too.

    • Hey Tristen it’s true that the dried pineapple weighs more than the fresh pineapple!I thought why would the dried pineapple would weigh more then fresh pineapple?But when I heard Miss. Holmquist explain I understand why the dried pineapple weighs more!
      I want to learn more about your comments!:)

  21. Hello 6th graders! I don’t know for sure, but I think the body needs 72% water to live. I’m guessing that because the human body is 72% water! But, I’d like to know the exact amount of water the human body needs to survived. I’d like to know, how much water, exactly, does the body need to stay hydrated?

  22. Hey sixth graders we are learning about water and how it affects our bodies. In my group we had our dried pineapple weigh more then our fresh pineapple. Did you know there is roughly about 70 percent of water in our bodies?

  23. hello my 6th grader what i learned was about water and how much fresh and dried fruits wieght, and how much water is in your body.

  24. All of our body’s are made up of 75% of water. We need to drink about 2 to 3 gallons of water per day. So 5th graders have fun coming to 6th grade it’s a lot of fun. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  25. Dear friends,
    This topic was so much fun! It made me realize how important water is to the world, to all of us.
    Did you know that our body is more than %70 water? We learned the differences between fresh fruits and dry fruits, we saw how much they weighed. I realized how much water takes affect in our bodies! If we didn’t have water we’d be just like raisins. Do you think water is important to our bodies, if so why? 🙂

  26. Hello readers!
    We are learning about water as our topic in science. I personally think that this an easy topic. Did you know that all living things need water for all kinds of different things? Well, plants use water almost the same way that we do. Animals use water almost the same way too! Humans use water to wash themselves and to drink. We, humans contain 72% of water in our bodies.
    – Savana

  27. Dear 6th graders,

    Today we learned about how much water is in fruits by weighing them. I think that we are like the fresh fruit and if we don’t drink water or dehydrate we will be like the dried fruit so…..
    DRINK WATER!!!!!!!!!!:)

  28. Dear students,
    The Earth is 72% water.We humans have 72% of water in our bodies to.Water can also be dirty water.

  29. Hello readers, water is important to your life because it helps you survive,what do you know about water. sincerley, celeste

  30. dear 6th graders
    today i learned that without water life would be difficult and fruit, plants,animals, and also humans would not be able to survive. even worse earth wont be able to survive. i learned that water is very important to us everything else thats on earth.!!!

  31. Dear 6th graders,
    Today in Science we measured dry and fresh fruit to see which weighs more and I learned that sometimes the dry can weigh more than fresh and that since fruit get water it doesn’t dry out

    Sincerely Braydon

  32. Dear 6th graders!
    In class today we learned that our body is 72% water! or that an apricot dry weight more then a fresh one!

  33. Dear 6 grade students,
    We are learning about the importance of water.There is a lot of things that is important in water.Like 70% of water is in your body right now.For example, water is in oceans, swimming pools, and human body.There is a lot more I can say about water but I don’t think you want to know!!!!!!!!!So water is very important as you can till.We need water in our system so we can breath oxygen,and in the water that is in your body has chemicals so that we can stay alive. So thank for reading my comment,and if you want to learn more comment me. This is Alize Marquez!!!!!!:)

  34. Hey everybody today we learned that we had 72% of water in our body.Also dry fruits weigh less than fresh fruit.

  35. Hello 6th graders
    Today we learned about water and how a dry fruit and fresh fruit weigh different by how much water there is in a fruit like a dry pineapple weighs 25.5 grams and a fresh pineapple weighs

  36. Dear 6th graders,
    We have been learning about water and how it can help our living organisms. Today we used a balance beam and measured many kinds of fresh fruit and dried fruit. Turns out that the fresh fruit ways more than dried fruit. I had really fun! I hope our 6th grade did too. Humans actually needs 72% of water in their own body to support their systems. Hope you 6th graders had fun learning about that this week!

  37. Dear 6 grade,
    The human body is about 70% water. Also that fruits that aren’t dead weigh more then the fruits that are dead. Then when the fruits are dead they smell like paper.


  38. Hey 6th grade.
    This past week we have learned about water and what it does for our living organisms. Water helps our lubricants (the muscle that keeps our bones connected).Did you know the human body needs at least 30 gallons of water to survive.


  39. Dear sixth grade friends, we learned about how much fruit weighed, we weighed fresh and dried fruit. We weighed grapes, raisins, apple slices, dried apple slices and more!

  40. Dear 6th grade this week I have been learning about how important water is for food,organisms,and other things. It’s important for humans because it is 70% of a human body.

  41. Hello 6th grade,
    This past week we have been learning about water and we also did some projects in class like weight fresh and dried fruit and we need like 70% of water in our body or else we wont be that healthy because our bodies wont be able to dehydrated enough because we dont have enough water.

  42. Hey everybody today we learned that dry fruit weighs less than fresh fruit.Also there is 72% of water in a human body!

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