Water Weighs how much?

This first week back we have been working on understanding how important water is to living organisms.

Today we looked at this in more detail. We weighed fresh fruit and dried fruit to see what the difference was. We found that all of the dried fruits weighed less than the fresh fruits. We concluded that this has to do with the amount of water taken out of the fruit when it is dried.

How much water do you think the human body needs to survive?

Here’s what we learned today!

59 thoughts on “Water Weighs how much?

  1. Hi six graders!We are learning about water this week.Did you know we have 72% of water in are body.Water is really important in life.If we don’t have water we can have a messed up life.

  2. Hi people today in class we learned about why fruit and water is so important.For example we wrote in the beginning of class about water and the only thing i can remember about it is our bodies are blood is 82 percent water. and then we did an activity with fruit and stuff and it was fun.

  3. Hey 6th grade
    You need about 1 gallon a day. Today in class we weight fresh and dried fruit. The fresh fruit weight more than some of dried fruit.

  4. Hey 6 graders,
    Today we are going to experiment on why is the importance of water.Well water is a big deal for us!We need to stay alive!!!That is why we got water all around us.In our bodies,in the air when the water vapor, in the oceans,in pools,and in drinks see this is what I am talking about water is a big deal!So have a amazing,wonderful,and enjoy your time experimenting on why is the importance of water.
    This is Alize Marquez wish you a great time experimenting,and have a learning Day?
    P.s if you want to learn more comment me,or reply for what my comment say Thanks Bye !:)

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