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Today we had the chance to do our first Skype with a park ranger from Yellowstone National Park!

Check the comments below to see what the 6th graders have to say about it!

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  1. Today, we Skyped with a Yellowstone National park ranger. He gave us all sorts of information. Some of us had been chosen to give a question. Lucas’s question was “Does Yellowstone have lots of fires?” His answer was that lightning bolt are the main cause of fires.There were about 7-8 fires a year. If you want to learn more, contact your teacher to talk to the ranger.

  2. Thank you to my teacher Ms. Holmquist and Ranger Mike a Yellowstone national park for making this possible. Thank you guys. 🙂

    • Dear Shawn,
      I am so glad you enjoyed the Skype! What are some places you would like Skype with in the future?

  3. My first skype was super fun and educational! I thought it was interesting that Wild Fires are “natural”. I also thought it was awesome that Yellow Stone has about 1,000 earthquakes a year! The pictures and painting that the Ranger showed us were Amazing!

  4. this is our classes first Skype!I was excited to learn about yellow stone park but at first i was nervous !Our class learned a bunch of things like i learned that has a bunch of endangered species like grizzly bears and gray wolfs,gray wolfs are not always grey they can be all different kinds of colors brown or black.I also learned that 80% of yellow stone has tree but they have a certain type of trees the lodge pole pine tree i hope you learn about yellow stone park too! yours truly,Patricia Taylor

  5. At first I was very confused but when I got started I got very excited and got fired up in questions. I learned that Yellowstone was the first national park and I learned much more anyone on this blog should try it, it was very exciting.

  6. The first time Skyping with our class was so awesome .The fun part about it was we got to see diagrams.We learned that’s there geysers and hot springs. A lot of people fell in the geyser and died.The geyser gets so hot it can kill you. We also learned that there are endanger animals.

  7. We learned with Ranger Mike. He told us about Yellowstone National park in the u.s. The people that go there LOVE the outdoors.Well they have to actually there are no TV’s in the motels. You should go to Yellow stone National park it is AWESOME!!!

  8. We think that our first Skype call went very well because we all learned some really cool new information.Like that Yellowstone was the first National Park, and that there are some endangered animals living in the park.Thank you to Ranger Mike for all of your knowledge that you shared with us!

  9. Dear Readers,
    I would like to tell you about my first Skype with a park ranger.It was a great experience.I had the jitters at first but then it was fun.The pictures were great too.I learned lots of stuff.Stuff like Yellowstone has half the worlds geysers.It also has 2.2 million acres of land.You should try Skype.

    Your fellow student,
    Michelle Harper

  10. I kinda enjoyed the Skype I was disappointed because i did not get to be the photographer or sit up next to the camera which makes me mad because i’m a good kid. Oh and there’s a lot of animals.

  11. I enjoyed the Skype. The ranger told us a bunch of stuff. The grizzly bear is a endangered. The grey wolf is also an endangered animal

  12. I’m so amazed about this Skype!Its interesting how geysers shoot water from a hole the size of your fist and launch up more than 100 Ft.

  13. I liked the skype because i would not of been able to do it at home. And i learned that they have 24 fires a year.And that they have 300 geysers. Also that the grizzly bear is endangered

  14. Today I did my first Skype with someone in another state at school.I felt weird because I didn’t do anything.I felt weird because I didn’t do anything.One fact that I LEARNED WAS Old Faithful is a famous geyser.

  15. I enjoyed the Skype and I was a little nervous. I loved the new and awesome things we have learned! I was nervous because my class was not the best. I learned about endangered animals and how big the park is. We also learned about the great history behind the special park.

  16. At the beginning of the Skype i was really nervous. I thought I was going to mess up. I didn’t though. It turned out to be really fun. We learned tunes of facts. Like grizzly bears are endangered. Also the park rangers don’t take of the animals that are sick. It’s not that they don’t care for them they just let nature take care of themselves.

    • Dear Robin,

      It’s ok to feel nervous when you do something new. You did a great job on camera! Way to go! I hope you’re excited for another Skype call soon!

  17. I felt happy and a bit nervous because of the skype with yellow stone park, ranger. i was one of the students to be on the camera and i understood the q and a’s. i had fun and learned more than ever and it was super cool.

  18. I liked learning about yellow stone. My favorite part is that yellow stone was carved by the yellow stone river.

  19. hi, my first Skype was with the yellow park ranger.It was a good talk. we talked about a lot of things.we were talking about animals and trees and other
    things.the pic were was 2.2 of land.

    from your best student,

    shannah dabbert

  20. I had lots of fun skyping with the Yellowstone ranger.I learned lots of new interesting facts about Yellowstone,Here’s a couple facts that i learned about Yellowstone.

    Yellowstone has 5 reptiles,4 amphibians,320 birds,67 mammels,120 butterflies,1,000 insects.There are 600 summer time rangers and 250 winter time rangers.Just two things you can do at Yellowstone,are hiking and camping.

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