Water, water everywhere!

This week we have been learning all about the water cycle. We spent time learning about the processes involved and we actually SAW the cycle in action on Thursday!

Today, we started working on a Career File. We read about 2 different careers that deal with water. Some of the 6th graders explained what job they would like to have when they grow up.

6A Water Jobs from Katrina Holmquist on Vimeo.

6C Water Jobs from Katrina Holmquist on Vimeo.

6B Water Jobs from Katrina Holmquist on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere!

  1. Hi 6 graders,
    Do you know how much water is in your body?
    Will there is 72% in your body!Today we learned In 3rd hour we weigh dried food and then fresh food and dried food we lighter then fresh food.Did you know that.

  2. Hi 6 graders ,

    Today in 3rd hour second or first for some of you. We took dry and fresh fruit and use a balencer to weigh them. My group found that the fresh wieghed more then the dry fruit. what will you find out. Anyway to answer miss holquist question. Water is important to life because most of your body . well actually 72% of your body is water.

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