Social Studies

By: Crystal , Marcus and Katelyn 

In Social Studies we learned about mummys and how you do mummification. Mrs. Holmquist makes it fun so we feel we are not even learning. The Nile River is a part of Egypt, it flows North unlike all the rivers in the world. It also is the longest river in the world, it is over 700 miles long. One of the steps of mummification is taking the brains out by the nose. They thought brains were not important so they threw it away! They mummys were rubbed in natron. Then they were wrapped in twenty layers of linen. After they were done mummifying, it was time for the funeral. They hired people to cry and throw dust in their hair.

Isn’t that weird?

One thought on “Social Studies

  1. Dear Crystal, Marcus and Katelyn,

    Thank you for your post! I am so glad to see that you have learned a lot of Ancient Egypt this week. I appreciate all the wonderful vocabulary words you added into your post as well, way to foster excellence! Keep up the great work historians!

    Miss Holmquist

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