Fun with Gobstoppers

This week we learned important pieces of an experiment write  up. We talked about questions, prediction and hypothesis. We practiced writing predictions and good, complete hypotheses. We learned that in order to have a good, complete hypothesis, you need to have 3 important parts: If, then and because.  If, states what you will be doing. Then is your prediction. Because explains why you think your prediction will happen. 

On Thursday, we were able to complete our first hands-on experiment of the year. Our question was ‘How does water affects the color on a Gobstopper?’  Every one wrote their own prediction and hypothesis. The pictures below are from our experiment. 


The students were so excited about this experiment and had some great ideas of how they would change it, that on Friday we did a second experiment! This time we used Sprite instead of water! The students were able to see how independent and dependent variables really work!

What else could we change in our experiment?

5 thoughts on “Fun with Gobstoppers

  1. Dear Scientists,
    I enjoyed listening to your conversations while you were conducting your experiments. Many of you were using academic vocabulary as you were discussing. Were any of you surprised by the results?
    Mrs. Farris

    • We were surprised with the results. It was a fun experiment. It was really different from any thing we have ever done. We learned new things from this experiment.
      two 6th grade crew members

  2. This experiment was really fun. In my group, we had really much fun . This was one of the best experiments I’ve ever done. If you try this experiment, you would really have a lot of fun.

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