Water Filter Challenge

Last week we did a water filter challenge! Check out what the kids had to say!

Which one do you think won?

6 thoughts on “Water Filter Challenge

  1. For the water filter challenge project my team use coffee filters and gauss. Those

    two things works really good. Because my team won. the two things suck up the

    color and the oil with the plastic.

  2. Last week in Miss Holmquist’s class we talked about water filtration. We did an experiment seeing if we could filter water. There were many group that did the experiment. Some of the materials we used was a funal, coffee filters, cups, sand and gauze. We also measured how much of the substance we had using a beaker. In the substance thee was oil, food coloring, foam paper and water. We had a competition on who’s water was cleanest and our class won! We had the cleanest water. My group used gauze to get out the food coloring also we used a coffee filter to get out the foam paper and the gauze helped to get the oil out. At the end there wasn’t much water left. We also did a hypothesis to see what we thought would happen with our project. At the end we did the conclusion and 6A won the cleanest water.

  3. The water filter was cool we ran our water threw the filter a few times but did not get the water all the way clean but one of the other groups got the water almost clear,but it was a great experience

  4. The water filtration project we did was awesome it had many different things to it.I learned a lot about it.It was very interesting.All the water was leaving though because of the draining my team and I kept doing. It was very nasty until it was filtered.

  5. The great egg dop was fun! It was pretty hard to think of a way tonot let the egg break. At first I thought my teams egg was going to break……………….but itdidn’t! I was really suprise. I wish we could do it again.

  6. The Water Filter Challenge was really fun even though my group and I didn’t get our water back after we filtered it.

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