Chicken Mummies

Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning all kinds of things about Ancient Egypt including the process of mummification! We were excited and disgusted from the start! We learned that the internal organs were taken out of the body and the inside of the body was packed with a natural salt. We also learned that the brain was aken out of the body as well… although it was taken out through the nose! How do you think that was accomlished?

To help us fully understand the process of mummifcation we started our own mummification experiement in class! We are in the process of mummifying chicken wings! Here’s the first day of our experiment!

You can see we cut open our chicken and packed salt inside, just like the Ancient Egyptians did! Then we put our chicken in a bag an covered it with salt! The process has begun! Check back soon to see the progress!

3 thoughts on “Chicken Mummies

  1. Hi miss holmquist i think the chicken mummies is a really cool thing. I wonder how you came up with it? Anyways i really like my chicken and i always wonder why people get disgusted about the poor things. Anyways see you later,

    • Thanks for the comment Crystal! I am so glad to hear you like the Chicken Mummy activity, and that you are not disgusted by it! That’s a real scientist!

      I did the activity in one of my classes and thought it would be fun to do with you guys!

  2. Wow! You must feel like real ancient Egyptians! I saw the King Tut mummy exhibit in Texas last year and I thought it was totally fascinating. How long do you think it will be until the chicken wings are mummified?

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