Ancient Egypt and the Nile River

Follow these links and learn more about the Nile River! After reading and learning more, go to your class page on the top and make a comment.

Your comment should be about one of the following questions:

1. What is the most interesting thing about the Nile River you have found in your research?

2. What did the Ancient Egyptians use the Nile River for? How did they use the land and the water?

3. If you were and Egyptian, would you have stayed during the flood times? Why or why not?

Secrets of the Nile


10 thoughts on “Ancient Egypt and the Nile River

  1. I think that the most interesting thing that i have learned about the Nile is that there are jewels in the river bank! That is really interesting to me!!!

  2. I don’t think I would live near the river, because of the dangerous floods that happen every year. But I would very much love to live in the Nile Delta! Almost half of Egypt lives there!

  3. Yes because i would all was would want to risk my life for any thing. And i would love it. Because i would not want any one els to risk there lives for something that dangerous. And i would get as much people out as i could. Because people are here for a reason not to die the next year or day.

  4. The Nile river floodes ever year because the current and the wind moves the water.The jewels was was interesting to me(:

  5. the Nile river floodes every year and there are jewles in the water.they also make potery and they could plant.

  6. They used the Nile River for the water so they can drink.
    A other thing that people use the Nile River for planting things and farming things and making houses

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