Ancient Writing: Cuneiform

Last week we learned about the ancient form of writing called cuneiform. This form of writing used triangles and lines. Each student made clay and wrote their name, or initals using this ancient form of writing. We also had a challange to decode some famous sayings from cuneiform. You can see it in the final picture! Can you see any words?

5 thoughts on “Ancient Writing: Cuneiform

  1. Dear Miss Holmquist’s Class,

    We really enjoyed your class project. It looks like it took a lot of time and effort, and was probably a difficult project too! Your project looks very artistic and fun.

    Was your project difficult? Did it take a long time to complete? Was there anyone in your class that already knew the Cunneiform language? We were not able to decode any of your messages, but maybe we will look again later.

    We’d love for you to check out our class blog Please keep in touch.

    Your new friends,

    Mrs. Moore’s Class

    • Mrs. Moore’s Class,

      It did not take a long time per say. It took about 2 minutes until you’re all done. The hardest part of cuneiform is when you don’t know if it’s ready to roll out and start writing. No one knew what cuneiform language was, but it was leading up to our language.


    • Mrs.Moore’s class

      It did take plenty of effort and it very messy,maybe you should try it sometime.

      Brianna S.

  2. I thot this was soo much fun i wish we can do some other things like this again for like ancient Egypt .

  3. It was so fun but the hardest part was writing the words with a paper clip.It mad the classroom all dirty and the tile was cover by flower.

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