What is a civilization?

Think about all we have talked about so far. What are some of the things that are needed in order for a civilization to exist? What do you think is most important?

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81 thoughts on “What is a civilization?

  1. People are needed in order to make a civilization. It is he most important thing that makes civilization!

  2. first you need water,trees,people,houses,grass,and factories.I think the most important is dirt you need dirt to have a civilizations

  3. First, you need is water so you drink it and plant things .
    Then, you need seeds to plant .
    You also need some way to talk to each other.
    Also of course a house.

  4. For civilization you need fresh water,good farming land,and plenty of trees and animals.I think what u need that’s the most important is nice farming land for a good supply of food.

  5. Civilization is about were they need food and water, they need cows horses and more to so get on with there lives.

  6. you would need ,water ,food ,shelter, power, animals,communal,paper, paper was used to communicate with letters.

  7. Civilization is about were they need food,water,animals to live and grow up and go on with there lives.

  8. we learn about the water and the food and what kind of food they yous is grapes,olives,wheat, and about the river and the rivers are call tigris,euphrates.

  9. You would need water,trees,food,animals,communal,shelter,
    clay,mud/dirt, sunlight and animal skin for a civilization.

  10. I learned that you have to have a place and animals,people thats what you have to do to have civilization.

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