What is a civilization?

Think about all we have talked about so far. What are some of the things that are needed in order for a civilization to exist? What do you think is most important?

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81 thoughts on “What is a civilization?

  1. civilization is important to us because if it wasnt for civilization we would not have neighborhoods, streets,houses,animals,and plants

  2. to make a community you have to have people,food water,maybe a river,you need to have animals,trees,dirt,grass,land,sand,gravel,rock,wool,and clay and that is what you need to make a community.

  3. You’ll need plants,vegetable,fruit,land,oceans,societies,homes,animals because not everyone’s a vegetarian,soil,trees, and most important oxygen!

  4. A civilization is a place where people live. Where people gather food, water, drinks, and other things you need. If the Mesopotamians did not make civilization we would not be living in a world like this one.

  5. I think that this civilization thing is cool. You need soil,water, and people to make civilization.

  6. In order to have an civilization is to have water, people, and food. I think we need people more in order to have food and shelter

  7. Civilization is when there is lots of plants and animals.There are lots of homes too!There are also many types of leaves.Like many colored leaves.There are also many trees.Like apple trees and oak trees.That is civilization.

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