Jelly beans and dichotomous keys!

Today we worked with classifications and how dichotomous keys help us find where things are located.

We started off by working with Jelly Bellies and a key to help us determine the flavors based on the characteristics of each bean. Within the selection there were also a few that didn’t fit into the key! It was the 6th graders job to figure out where it might go. If they couldn’t fit it in, they would change the key a bit to make it fit. After they did this, they got to taste these new ‘species’… some of them good and some of them, not so good!  For any of you out there who have read Harry Potter and know of Berttie Botts Every Flavor Beans, you are aware that they are exactly that…EVERY flavor!  I threw some of those in there to mix up the key. They loved it!

We learned a lot today about classification and its importance for scientists!

What are things in your life that you classify?

10 thoughts on “Jelly beans and dichotomous keys!

  1. Hello 6th graders!!! What a cool and interesting project you did in class. Miss Holmquist really wants you all to try new things and ask questions about life. When she asked the question about classifying, I really had to think. Right now, I am classifying food. Things I should eat (veggies and fruit) and things I want to eat (chips and ice cream). Does that count as a classification? You tell me.

  2. Hi sixth grade! I love this project. How many of you were “lucky” enough to get the Bertie Botts beans?

    In third grade we are studying the migration of monarch butterflies (some of my former fifth graders may remember this!) Last week we learned how its markings, size and habitat help to classify a butterfly as a monarch. Did you know that not all orange and black butterflies are monarchs? Check it out:

  3. Sixth graders, what an awesome learning experience you had. One of the things I do when I am traveling by car is classify the colors of cars. Helps to make the long miles seem shorter! When you see me, and if the time is appropriate, I want you to tell me what your favorite gross jelly bean was!

  4. I liked the project but I had to taste the earthworm jellybean they told me it was cherry it was funny.

  5. I had so much fun that day.My favorite jelly bean was the blueberries, and other jelly beans had a very bad tase.

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