Nov 05 2012

Our Soccer Win:)

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On Saturday, (11-2-12) My soccer club team, S.M.S.C, won our first game. Winning is just an epic feeling of victory. We were so happy we had tears of joy. we were screaming and yelling in victory. We were so happy. When I was playing, my position was forward. I had like twenty shots on goal! Whenever I shot though, it went right to the goalie’s stomach and it would bounce off. That’s how we got our first goal. It bounced off and my friend, Ethan, ran up and had a beautiful shot. My heart dropped when it shot in! I ran up and gave him a huge hug and high five. We were tho most happiest team in the world that day. Winning is almost an describable feeling. It’s different for everyone. What does it feel like to you when you have a victory or you win something? Please comment your answer!

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Oct 04 2012

Fall Break:)

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Starting at 3:15 on Friday is fall break. Our school gets one week off to spend a little time with our family’s. If you have or had fall break too what will or what did you do? Over fall break is my birthday, (October 9) and I plan to hang out with my friends. I know were going to the mall and seeing The Avengers. Were also going to the state fair when it opens. Please comment and tell me about your fall break! (If you have it.)

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Oct 01 2012

National anti-bullying day

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Today is national world wide anti-bullying day. We were all asked to wear blue to support this day. Some of the students in my class and I took a picture together. Is your school doing this too? If so how did you celebrate?

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Sep 20 2012

My passion:)

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I have a lot of passions but I think my number one passion is writing. Even though I love soccer, I want writing to be my career. I get 6 out of 6 on tests every time. Wiring lets me express myself. I don’t like to write about anything else besides action and adventure.  It’s the only genre I’m good at.

Sometimes, I write about sad things that would make a good story but most times I write about exciting things. I’m one of those authors that will write about the weirdest things, but will keep you reading on your toes non-stop. ON my blog I will try and post my writing. So far, I’ve only posted my D.A.R.E essay. Well, have fun reading my pieces.  Bye!:)

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Sep 19 2012

D.A.R.E poster:) (Drugs abuse resistance education)

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Watch this show me! Sorry.. my voice sounds funny I’m sick. This is a drugs poster. I explain it in the video! 🙂


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Sep 17 2012


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Have you ever been bullied on the computer, through phones, or anywhere else that deals with internet? If so you might learn something from this that may help you in the future. Even if you haven’t, this is still something you need to know about.

Cyber-bullying is against the law. Most reasons people chose to say bad things about you online or say bad, rude things to line is because they can’t say it to your face and they think it’s cool. Bullying is so wrong in many ways. There is no reason for it. Before you do or say something, think about what it would feel like to be in there shoes. How would you feel if it were to be said to you? For those of you that decide to bully, does it make you feel better to say those things?

If you are getting bullied, you shouldn’t really say something back because it could be held against you if you were to show the conversation to an adult. Turn the other cheek. It’s not really nice to say rude things back. When you are being bullied it’s very important that you tell an adult immediately before it get’s worse. When you are getting bullied you must stick up for yourself and report it if you can. Nobody likes getting bullied! Sometimes you get bullied by others just for one simple reason. There jelious.

I’ve been bullied once and it was so bad, I had to report them. You’re not tattling, your sticking up for yourself, stopping a crime. Don’t be scared to take action. I’m writing this to get this one thing threw your head. You NEED to do something about it! Don’t put up with it. Bulling can cause suicide. You wouldn’t want to be the reason for somebodys death. Would you? So don’t bully.

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Sep 13 2012


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Hello! I love to write!  Right now I’m writing two stories. One is about a teenage girl that has always been protecting her family until she actually got taken away from them after hurting someone badly. The other is about this girl who was hiking and lost her friend in a cave. After a beast chases her out she finds herself in a mythical place called “Zebrain.” She finds herself with a queen who makes her a warrior. Any ideas for these stories? I’d love to hear some ideas that could make it more interesting. I really want to be an author when I grow up! Be looking forward to seeing my writing on this blog!:D

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Sep 08 2012

Quad riddin'(:

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Wind blowing threw your hair with joy screaming throughout your body. The weight of your helment suddenly feeling like it doesn’t exist. Racing around spitting dirt everywhere. Driving so fast your hands start to feel numb. Quad ridding is an amazing thing. The sound overwhelming. The smell of gas is the best smell in the world. Me and my quad are like bff’s!:)

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Sep 05 2012


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Well, this is my soccer team and I’s last week of soccer before we get put into this BIG leauge thing! Were all excited! I’ll be playing on U 14 an U 12 so I have 20 games! Well, I’ve been a forward for 6 years but my corner kicks are looking amazing so I may start working on being mid. field. Soccer is an awesome sport! Me and my soccer team are like one big family! It’s not about winning.. It’s about working and and playing hard!! Wish me good luck!!!;)

Go S.M.S.C soccer!!!!!:D

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