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Student Blogging Challenge 8, Freedom Again

Dear Student Bloggers and Everyone, For Student Blogging Challenge 8, Freedom Again,  I played a virtual surgery game on Edheads for knee replacement surgery.  It tells you step by step how to do the virtual surgery.   I think people would like to try this site if they would like to be a Doctor one day, or not.  This is the […]

Student Blogging Challenge 7, The Sciences

This is our second year investigating bugs close up with Bugscopes help.  Here are some things we learned this year. These are earwig picnchers! This is the hook on a moths wing to help them hold on to things. A scorpion stinger with the poison ducts exposed! The silverfish has scales.  This way when he is stuck […]

The Digestive Sytem: The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Post written by Emily and Kaileah   This is our science project about the digestive system. We were asked to create a drama about what would happen if we got shrunk by a shrink ray and was eaten. This is our adventure of a lifetime traveling through the digestive system: This science project video took […]

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