Mrs. Bliss' Dragon's Den

Student Blogging Challenge 7, The Sciences

This is our second year investigating bugs close up with Bugscopes help.  Here are some things we learned this year. These are earwig picnchers! This is the hook on a moths wing to help them hold on to things. A scorpion stinger with the poison ducts exposed! The silverfish has scales.  This way when he is stuck […]

Student Blogging Challenge # 3, Adding Widgets to our Blog

My students searched the internet for our blogs new mascot, a baby female Dragon that displays different feelings, or emotions, when you scroll over her.  Go ahead and try it, you will surprised at all the things she can do!  Faithie found her at  CuteKi Pin Widgets     If you would like your own baby dragon on […]

Hello world! We’re visiting … New Zealand

by Garrett and Zach written for Edublogs Student Challenge #2 Why we chose New Zealand We chose to visit New Zealand because it snows from December 22nd to May. We also chose New Zealand because you can explore the natural cave called Waitomo caves. Some of the interesting things in the Waitomo caves are you […]

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