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Student Blogging Challenge 10, Nominate a Blog

My class and I decided to choose, Come Somersault with Sarah.  We liked her posts, pictures, and most videos of her playing the piano!  We were truly amazed with her talent.  We also enjoyed her inspiring pictures of her family time together.  It was nice to see the family having fun together.  She shares many pictures […]

Student Blogging Challenge # 9, Using Language

The Cooperation and Sharing Poem was written by Wisdom Commons. The Word Cloud was created by copy/pasting the Cooperation and Sharing Poem in to Image Chef. This post in response to Student Blogging Challenge 9, Using Language. Have you tried Image Chef before? Could you please share a word/tag cloud you have used in the […]

Student Blogging Challenge 7, The Sciences

This is our second year investigating bugs close up with Bugscopes help.  Here are some things we learned this year. These are earwig picnchers! This is the hook on a moths wing to help them hold on to things. A scorpion stinger with the poison ducts exposed! The silverfish has scales.  This way when he is stuck […]

Student Blogging Challenge # 6, More Choices

   For this Challenge, my class and I did a post on Mrs. Ligon’s Science Class Blog, “Where in the World Would You Go?  Here is where we would like to go and why:) I would like to go to Scottland and Ireland and see the castles, the rolling green mountains, and hopefully find a […]

Student Blogging Challenge # 2

This post is in response to Student Blogging Challenge #2

Student Challenge #1

Post created for Edublog Student Blogging Challenge #1   Voki created by Mrs. Bliss.  I chose a Pug Voki because I have a Pug named Daisy Duke.   Voki created by Chris Posts created for Edublog Student Blogging Challenge #1   Post by Heath for Student Blogging Challenge #1 Post by Talon Post by Meagan […]

WooHoo! We completed the Student Challenge 2012!

Hi my wonderful students, Thank you all so much for talking me in to having a class blog:)  I know we have all learned so much!  Thank you to Mrs. Watanabe for starting out our blog and teaching me how to keep it going, quite often.  Thank you to my students for all the wonderful […]

Quick Reminder:)

My students have been asking why we do not have a virtual pet on our blog…..

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