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Student Blogging Challenge 8, Freedom Again

Dear Student Bloggers and Everyone, For Student Blogging Challenge 8, Freedom Again,  I played a virtual surgery game on Edheads for knee replacement surgery.  It tells you step by step how to do the virtual surgery.   I think people would like to try this site if they would like to be a Doctor one day, or not.  This is the […]

Student Blogging Challenge 7, The Sciences

This is our second year investigating bugs close up with Bugscopes help.  Here are some things we learned this year. These are earwig picnchers! This is the hook on a moths wing to help them hold on to things. A scorpion stinger with the poison ducts exposed! The silverfish has scales.  This way when he is stuck […]

Student Blogging Challenge # 5, Let’s Get Data

For Student Blogging Challenge 5 , my class decided that  joining FreeRice would be a wonderful way to helpMiss W.  raise one million grains of rice before this blogging challenge is over.  Over the years, my classes in the past and present, have donated 24,150 grains of rice!  We are happy to contribute to such a […]

Student Blogging Challenge # 4, The Order of Operations

This post is in response to the  Student Blogging Challenge # 4, Catching up,  adding posts, and writing posts on other blogs. Kirsten and Soledad created this google apps presentation to help our class remember the Universal Order of Operations.  We thought it just might help you also! Click, The Universal Order of Operations Was […]

Student Blogging Challenge # 3, Adding Widgets to our Blog

My students searched the internet for our blogs new mascot, a baby female Dragon that displays different feelings, or emotions, when you scroll over her.  Go ahead and try it, you will surprised at all the things she can do!  Faithie found her at  CuteKi Pin Widgets     If you would like your own baby dragon on […]

Student Blogging Challenge, Week 10, Activity #3

  How many posts did you write? I have written six post. How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? I have 1 school based comment.          How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? I have received six comments from classmates, teachers and overseas students. […]

Student Challenge, Week 9

HI Mieke, We loved your post and we want to help the cause to keep San Diego clean. Your words really caught me. We would really enjoy it if you could tell us if they have a website, and if they do, whats the URL? This post should really inspire many people to help with […]

Student Blogging Challenge, Week 8

Student Blogging Challenge, Week 8, Activity 3, Digital Dossier What websites have you joined  on the internet : The websites I been on are 1)    2)    3)   4)   5) 6)   7)   8) How much information did you give them when you […]

Challenge Yourself To Blog Week 8 Activity 3

Challenge Yourself To Blog Week 8 Activity 3 Aspyn and I typed in our name on google and we typed in Angel, and Angels Gold Canyon’s scented candles popped up. The images that came up showed someone in my family.  Angel from the scented candles also showed up. Angel  and I looked up Aspyn, and […]

Student Blogging Challenge, Week 8: Game Preparation

student blogging challenge, 1.Sports We decided to pick sports because it is something we learned out of school and that we love. There are certain sports that make you very flexible, like gymnastics. Everyone loves football, soccer, baseball, and volleyball. Sometimes when people play sports they get to go to the professionals. Sometimes they chose […]

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