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Student Blogging Challenge, Week 10, Activity #3

  How many posts did you write? I have written six post. How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? I have 1 school based comment.          How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? I have received six comments from classmates, teachers and overseas students. […]

Student Challenge, Week 9

HI Mieke, We loved your post and we want to help the cause to keep San Diego clean. Your words really caught me. We would really enjoy it if you could tell us if they have a website, and if they do, whats the URL? This post should really inspire many people to help with […]

10 Links to Students Around the World, Student Blogging Challenge, Week 7

Hi,  In this post you will see a lot of links from  other students blogs around the world. If you are wondering how to write a quality comment some blogs that are useful are listed below. Check out these blogs to educate yourself on Quality Comments. These Class blogs are really interesting […]

Student Blogging Challenge, Week 4, Make it Global

Student Blog Challenge, Week 4, Make it Global Women’s suffrage rights are very important in today’s America. Women have fought for their rights to vote since 1913. They have protested and marched for their rights to vote. Some of the women’s rights leaders are Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony, and Matilda Gage.The first women’s rights […]

Topics that Interest Us, Challenge Week # 3

Hi, Eric and I have some things that really define who we are. Sports, they encourage us to do everyday things. They help us get through school because we know we have something fun to do when we get out. The sports that we play are basketball, football, and baseball. Basketball and baseball are important […]

All About Me

All About Noah: Hello, as you may have thought, yes, my name is Noah. I live in Arizona, where the intense sun roams. Here in the desert it is abnormally dry. When August hits it feels like a toaster oven. The sun just beats down on you and drains all your energy. I play basketball […]

Do you know about Free Rice?

Post written by: Noah, Zach, and Eric, all are enrolled in our class “group” in Free Rice, called “The Dragon’s Den.” You can join our class “group” called The Dragon’s Den, and help us feed the hungry people of the world. Just click on Groups, join group, and type in The Dragon’s Den.” Have you […]

Connecting Overseas

by student bloggers Eric, Noah, and Zach What overseas blogs have you commented on? Why did you comment on that particular post? Those are the questions we were asked for Student Challenge #8, “Are you connecting?” They are important questions because it gets us thinking about how we are connecting with others from other countries around […]

My Dreams for a Career

by Noah Written for the Student Blogging Challenge #4 If I could learn anything, I would choose to learn how to make money very fast. I would go and look at all the jobs that pay the most, and see which one I would like to do the best. I would try to pick it […]

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