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Connecting Overseas

by student bloggers Eric, Noah, and Zach What overseas blogs have you commented on? Why did you comment on that particular post? Those are the questions we were asked for Student Challenge #8, “Are you connecting?” They are important questions because it gets us thinking about how we are connecting with others from other countries around […]

Being Creative, Challenge 7

For the Student Blogging Challenge #7, we got to explore various sites that allow us to be creative. If you were to walk through our room, you would see that we got to choose which site to go to based on Miss W‘s suggestions, and you would see us learning through our creativity. Here’s an […]

Hands that Help

By: Ryder and Brandon There is a crisis happening right now! Unemployment and families in need are all around us. We are trying to help people be aware of these problems by showing how we can all help each other. We want to help people that are in need right now. Unemployment is spreading everywhere, […]

Digital Dossier

written by the students of Mrs. Bliss’ class Are you aware of your digital dossier? Did you know that your digital dossier follows you your whole life, so you have to be careful what you do online? Make sure you stay safe by not giving out personal information online such as your phone number and […]

Quality Commenting

Today we went to Mrs. Roberston’s post, and we learned about how to write quailty comments because they learned from Mrs. Yollis. We learned that quality comments start a conversation. Here are Mrs. Yollis’ tips for that: Tip 1) Give a complement with a specific detail of what you liked. Tip 2)  Add new information […]

Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

by Mrs. Watanabe Today we talked about digital citizenship and internet safety. We talked about being members of our physical community and members of a digital community. In both communities, we have expectations for being a good citizen and being safe. Some of the safety and citizenship expectations students knew were: Keep your personal information […]

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