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Student Blogging Challenge # 6, More Choices

Castle in Ireland 

 For this Challenge, my class and I did a post on Mrs. Ligon’s Science Class Blog, “Where in the World Would You Go?  Here is where we would like to go and why:)

I would like to go to Scottland and Ireland and see the castles, the rolling green mountains, and hopefully find a dragon:)

Keiran would like to go to Russia because he would love to hear Russian language.

Jaren would like to go to Antartica because he would like to hug a penguin:) (Reminds me of Jason Miller:)

Christopher would like to go to Scottland and Ireland and meet family members.

Lauren would like to go to Africa because she would like to see all the different animals.

Jessica would like to go to the Jersey Boardwalk again as she is from there.

Faithie would like to go to Nebraska to see the football games, how cold it is there, and what it is like.

Cameron would like to go to Indonisia because he wants to see the beautiful forest there.

Harrison would like to go to China to climb Mount Everest and see the Great Wall.

Chelsey would like to go to Australia to see the sharks on the beach and hear their accent.

Kyo would like to go to England and see Big Ben.

Heath would like to go to Alabama because he would like to see their college football.

Brooke would like to go to Canada because she wants to see and play in the snow.

Craig would like to go to Anartica to see penguins sliding on their bellies on the ice and snow.

Daemion would like to go to Japan to see all the wonderful sites.

Kirsten would like to go India, Denmark, and Italy!

Looks like we would all like to travel as much as you have!

Thank you,
Mrs. Bliss and kids:)

Attribution:  Castle in Ireland, from FlickrCC

This is in response to Student Blogging Challenge 6, More Choices.

Where in the World Would You Go?

Did we pick any places that you would like to go to also?

Can you please share a picture of somewhere you have been?


  • #   Ethan on 10.26.12 at 1:59 pm     Reply

    Hi Mrs. Bliss,

    I really like your post. I would like to go to Japan and China because, it is on my bucket list. Another reason I would like to go there is because, I’m Japanese and Chinese. I really like your dragon. It is awesome.


    • #   kbliss on 10.30.12 at 5:07 am     Reply

      Hi Ethan,
      Thank you for your wonderful comment on our class blog. And a big thank you also for helping me so much last year with this blog! I still have all my notes from each time you would teach me something new:)

      I would like to go to China and Japan too, as my favorite foods are Chinese and Japanese, actually any oriental food is quite tastey to me. I love sushi too:)

      I was pretty excited when Faithie found the baby dragon! Remember how hard we all looked last year trying to find one for our class blog? We got lucky with this year being the year of the dragon:)

      Hope you are having a wonderful time in your new classes. Which ones are your favorite? I still pick math as my favorite, but science has fun labs, and social studies has the cool maps and projects, and I like the stories in reading too.

      Thank you for sharing the cool site with the calculator and the coordinate plane. I enjoyed playing at that site and shared it with my kids this year.

      Thank you again,
      Mrs. Bliss:)

  • #   julia goucher on 08.15.13 at 2:40 pm     Reply

    Dear Mrs. Bliss ,
    Your blog was very interesting and really creative . Your blog is very organized and has really cool facts . Did you work as a class for the projects or as a group ? Thanks for the cool facts !


    • #   kbliss on 08.15.13 at 3:58 pm     Reply

      Dear Lynnette,
      Thank you so very much for checking out our class blog. All the writing that you see on this blog are mostly from my students. I have created a few Vokis and answered a few comments, but the rest has been from my kids. My students sometimes like to work in groups, but sometimes they like to blog on their own. They enjoy the comments they receive, so they like to post their own work. You are welcome for all the cool facts, my kids help me post those too!

      Have you ever blogged before? This is my third year and I enjoy it. I learn so many interesting facts, learn about new sites to visit, and get to know about other countries? Have you made a comment to a blog in another country yet? I have and I even have recieved replies back.
      Thank you,
      Mrs. Bliss and class:)

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