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Student Blogging Challenge # 6, More Choices

   For this Challenge, my class and I did a post on Mrs. Ligon’s Science Class Blog, “Where in the World Would You Go?  Here is where we would like to go and why:) I would like to go to Scottland and Ireland and see the castles, the rolling green mountains, and hopefully find a […]

Student Blogging Challenge # 5, Let’s Get Data

For Student Blogging Challenge 5 , my class decided that  joining FreeRice would be a wonderful way to helpMiss W.  raise one million grains of rice before this blogging challenge is over.  Over the years, my classes in the past and present, have donated 24,150 grains of rice!  We are happy to contribute to such a […]

Student Blogging Challenge # 4, The Order of Operations

This post is in response to the  Student Blogging Challenge # 4, Catching up,  adding posts, and writing posts on other blogs. Kirsten and Soledad created this google apps presentation to help our class remember the Universal Order of Operations.  We thought it just might help you also! Click, The Universal Order of Operations Was […]

Student Blogging Challenge # 3, Adding Widgets to our Blog

My students searched the internet for our blogs new mascot, a baby female Dragon that displays different feelings, or emotions, when you scroll over her.  Go ahead and try it, you will surprised at all the things she can do!  Faithie found her at  CuteKi Pin Widgets     If you would like your own baby dragon on […]

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