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Student Blogging Challenge, Week 8: Game Preparation

student blogging challenge,
We decided to pick sports because it is something we learned out of school and that we love. There are certain sports that make you very flexible, like gymnastics. Everyone loves football, soccer, baseball, and volleyball. Sometimes when people play sports they get to go to the professionals. Sometimes they chose their career to play sports.

There is a diving board that some people can do tricks.  They can do jumps, front flips, 360 backflip(full), and 180 front flip. You can do a pencil dive, and a barrel roll, plus a cart wheel. Some people can swim very fast by pulling themselves by their hands. You can go to swimming contests and be in the olympics but you really have to practice swimming very hard.

3. Running
Everyone can run but it takes a lot of time and practice to become a fast and excellent runner.  Running can be very healthy and energize your body, it also grows your muscles. Running is a special thing to do because it can help your heart.

4. Basketball                                                   
Basketball is a very old sport, ever since 1891, and is still a sport on this very day (May 7 2012). All you have to do is dribble the ball, bend your elbows, and SHOOT!  However, some people try to block you to try and get the ball. Sometimes when other players play against each other, one of them are going to the NBA and play with the other winning team.

By: Harloe, Amanda,& Drew


  • #   Chloe on 06.26.12 at 12:30 pm     Reply

    Hello Everyone,
    I love doing sports and it sound like you do too. It keep you healfy and fit and it is also a fun thing to do. Please come back to my challenge blog, I will set a new challenge on thursday so if you wait till thursday you could do my challenge. The link is:
    Thanks everyone!
    From Chloe.

  • #   Georgia! on 10.16.12 at 11:41 pm     Reply

    Hello Everyone,
    This blog is really good and I love all of the Vokis it is really creative. I have a blog of my own to

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