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WooHoo! We completed the Student Challenge 2012!

Hi my wonderful students, Thank you all so much for talking me in to having a class blog:)  I know we have all learned so much!  Thank you to Mrs. Watanabe for starting out our blog and teaching me how to keep it going, quite often.  Thank you to my students for all the wonderful […]

Student Blogging Challenge, Week 10, Activity #3

  How many posts did you write? I have written six post. How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? I have 1 school based comment.          How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? I have received six comments from classmates, teachers and overseas students. […]

Student Challenge, Week 9

HI Mieke, We loved your post and we want to help the cause to keep San Diego clean. Your words really caught me. We would really enjoy it if you could tell us if they have a website, and if they do, whats the URL? This post should really inspire many people to help with […]

Quick Reminder:)

Student Blogging Challenge, Week 8

Student Blogging Challenge, Week 8, Activity 3, Digital Dossier What websites have you joined  on the internet : The websites I been on are 1)    2)    3)   4)   5) 6)   7)   8) How much information did you give them when you […]

Challenge Yourself To Blog Week 8 Activity 3

Challenge Yourself To Blog Week 8 Activity 3 Aspyn and I typed in our name on google and we typed in Angel, and Angels Gold Canyon’s scented candles popped up. The images that came up showed someone in my family.  Angel from the scented candles also showed up. Angel  and I looked up Aspyn, and […]

Student Blogging Challenge, Week 8: Game Preparation

student blogging challenge, 1.Sports We decided to pick sports because it is something we learned out of school and that we love. There are certain sports that make you very flexible, like gymnastics. Everyone loves football, soccer, baseball, and volleyball. Sometimes when people play sports they get to go to the professionals. Sometimes they chose […]

Student Blogging Challenge, Week 8, Persuasive Presentation

Student Blogging Challenge Week 8 on Prezi

Student Blogging Challenge, Week 7, By Emily & Maddie

Student Blogging Challenge, Week 7 One of the many creative things Emily and I have done was to snuck into Emily’s neighbors yard and played in his plants, trying to find a ball. He is sometimes very grumpy and we were trying to be spies and not be caught by him when we were playing […]

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