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Creativity Site, Odopod, Week 7

Drawing created by Zach, on Odopod, Edublog Student Blogging Challenge

10 Links to Students Around the World, Student Blogging Challenge, Week 7

Hi,  In this post you will see a lot of links from  other students blogs around the world. If you are wondering how to write a quality comment some blogs that are useful are listed below. Check out these blogs to educate yourself on Quality Comments. These Class blogs are really interesting […]

How to Use Voki, Student Blogging Challenge, Week 7

  This Voki is made in response to Student Blogging Challenge, Too Much Work, Now Have Fun

World Water Day by Faithy & Maddie

  Click Here for the World Wide Water Day Presentation This Presentation was created in response to Student Blogging Challenge: Week 5,  Adding Images and Attribution

My students have been asking why we do not have a virtual pet on our blog…..

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