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All About Noah:

Hello, as you may have thought, yes, my name is Noah. I live in Arizona, where the intense sun roams. Here in the desert it is abnormally dry. When August hits it feels like a toaster oven. The sun just beats down on you and drains all your energy. I play basketball so when ever we drive out to California for my tournaments it feels like a lifetime before we make it there. I remember when we were in California, I played against a team that was older than us by about two years. We only lost by one point at the end. We rarely have a weekend off so when we do we invite our friends over to party.
One year I played  football. Let’s just say I won’t do that again. I remember just wanting to fall out  on the ground and die. I couldn’t wait to get home to eat a hot meal and go to sleep. During practice our water break was about thirty seconds then back out to work. I was the quarterback and safety on my team. I had a running-back that was fast as lightning and strong as an ox.  All I had to do was give him the ball and watch.  My parents were sitting in the stands cheering me on.

 The idea for the post came from:  Student Blog Challenge, week 1



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