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Student Blogging Challenge, Week 4, Make it Global

Student Blog Challenge, Week 4, Make it Global Women’s suffrage rights are very important in today’s America. Women have fought for their rights to vote since 1913. They have protested and marched for their rights to vote. Some of the women’s rights leaders are Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony, and Matilda Gage.The first women’s rights […]

Topics that Interest Us, Challenge Week # 3

Hi, Eric and I have some things that really define who we are. Sports, they encourage us to do everyday things. They help us get through school because we know we have something fun to do when we get out. The sports that we play are basketball, football, and baseball. Basketball and baseball are important […]

Mrs. Bliss is a Dragon!

                                      Right after my kids helped our new Student, Hailey, create her own avatar and introduce her to the world, they thought it would be fun to make an avatar of me from Wildself.  Since our class blog has Dragons […]

My Avatar, by Hailey

Hi, my name is Hailey.   I am new to this school, so my teacher, Mrs. Bliss, and my classmates, voted for me to create my own avatar at clayyourself, after looking at other sites.  It was a very easy site because there are step by step directions throughout the creation, and if you get stuck […]

All About Me

All About Noah: Hello, as you may have thought, yes, my name is Noah. I live in Arizona, where the intense sun roams. Here in the desert it is abnormally dry. When August hits it feels like a toaster oven. The sun just beats down on you and drains all your energy. I play basketball […]

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