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Connecting Overseas

by student bloggers Eric, Noah, and Zach

What overseas blogs have you commented on? Why did you comment on that particular post? Those are the questions we were asked for Student Challenge #8, “Are you connecting?” They are important questions because it gets us thinking about how we are connecting with others from other countries around the globe.

Noah commented on Delve — Miss deVries’ Grade 5 Class Blog in BC, Canada:

I went to the Canadian blog of  Delve — Miss deVries.  I commented on a post about passion. When I first saw the post I thought I was a child again.  It reminded me of playing basketball with my older brother.   It was like my parents were sitting in the crowd and were cheering me on. 

Zach visited Australia’s 3/4 G’s Class Blog:

Their blog was very interesting because they are a quad blogging class with my fourth grade reading teacher Mrs. Martinez. I asked them, “ What do quad bloggers do that’s different from regular blogging?” While I was commenting on their blog it took me a while to figure out what I should write because I really had to sit there and think so that my comment would be a quality comment.  I really enjoyed looking at their blog and seeing that one of my fourth grade teachers was doing the same thing as them.

Erik went to Miss T’s classroom blog in New Zealand:

I commented on the video about Camp Day 3 and 4. The video was about kayaking, archery, and flying kiwi. I commented on that post because it looked cool.  I saw the kid with the bow and arrow and wondered if that was at school, and was curious about it.

We chose the posts to comment on based on what interested us. It’s cool to see how we can connect with people from around the globe.

What overseas blogs have you commented on?

What types of connections have you made with people from around the globe?


  • #   Nathan on 02.06.12 at 11:03 am     Reply

    Dear Mrs. Bliss and class,
    I have commented on no overseas blog because my teacher might not have overseas blog connections.
    I have a pen pal in Kenya but that is overseas lettering not a blog. We did the pencil thing to raise money for the children in Kenya so they could provide food and water. It was fun. 🙂


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