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Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

by Mrs. Watanabe

Today we talked about digital citizenship and internet safety. We talked about being members of our physical community and members of a digital community. In both communities, we have expectations for being a good citizen and being safe.

Some of the safety and citizenship expectations students knew were:

  1. Keep your personal information safe, such as your full name, address, phone number, etc.
  2. Don’t post or comment about where people can find you. For example, don’t share that you will be at soccer practice from 7:00-8:00 tonight at the park.
  3. Be respectful and polite online.
  4. Since blog comments are like friendly letters, we should follow the friendly letter format.
What’s our next step?
  1. Watch a BrainPOP Online Safety video to see what we can add to our list.
  2. Visit one of these blogs and decide how well they follow Internet safety and digital citizenship rules:

What do you think we should add to our Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship expectations?

What did you notice/learn from investigating the above blogs?

What have you learned from this discussion/post, and what questions do you still have?


  • #   kbliss on 08.29.11 at 6:39 pm     Reply

    Dear Mrs. Watanabe,
    Our class believes that we should add these ideas to our Internet Safety List:
    -Don’t talk to strangers, or respond to people you do not know. Do not send pictures to people you do not know.
    -Don’t tell your password to anyone, not even your best friend. They do not need to know it. Keep it safe.
    -Tell a parent, teacher, or an adult, if you get messages or pictures from someone and it makes you feel uncomfortable or creepy.
    -Don’t ask or agree to meet with a stranger. If you are asked by a stranger, let a parent, teacher, or an adult know right away.
    -Ask your parent or teacher if it is safe to enter your personal information to a contest.
    -Think of your audience. Why are you writing this? Who are you writing to?
    -If you have your own personal blog, or email, do not use your school name. If you are under your teachers’ blog or email, you can as it will be safe.
    Mrs. Bliss and class

  • #   Breanne on 09.18.11 at 6:47 am     Reply

    I think your class came up with really good tips.
    In my class my teacher did the same thing but I think you have some really important tips the my list dosen’t.
    Good Job!


    • #   kBliss on 11.16.11 at 11:27 am     Reply

      Dear Breanne,
      Thank you for the praise. We worked very hard on our blog. We hope you could learn from the tips on our blog.

      Do you have any tips on your list?
      What are the things that we have on our blog that can help your blog?
      What do we have on our blog that you don’t have on yours?
      Mrs.Bliss’ class

  • #   Jessie on 11.02.11 at 3:32 pm     Reply

    Hi my names Jessie and I live in Arizona and I’m 11 years old I’m in Mrs.hammans class and your site is good I like It a lot

    • #   kBliss on 11.16.11 at 10:44 am     Reply

      Dear Jessie,

      Thank you Jessie, we appreciate it.
      It is better to not tell people your age,where you live, and your last name. To know more about your Digital Dossier watch the video posted on our blog. We did and we found it to be very informational.

      Do you have a blog?

      Mrs.Bliss” class

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