I can not believe we are almost done with school and I get to use this fancy typing font!  Actually no I can not use that, but I was not lying about almost being done with school!  The bad part about that is that I am almost done with the challenge too.  So your asking that is what you want to tell me?  No that is not what I wanted to tell you.  I wanted to tell everybody that has watched by blog grow and done comments thank you.  I would also like to give a huge thanks to Edublogs, they are the people who gave me this oppurtunity.  That all seems pretty big but the biggest help was from my teacher Mrs.Fraher.



You can check out her blog in my blogroll, the blog is called Gfraher’s Class and Friends.

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  1. Dad says:

    I want to say how impressed I am with your writing skills. I have heard you take after your father. Good for you. Keep learning and growing so you will be able to take care of him.

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