This is yet my second blog  post for you amazing viewers,visitors, and commenters.  This blog post will be about where I live and visit in Arizona.  I will be discussing the Superstition Mountain Range.


The Superstitions as some people call it is beautiful in my opinion.  The reason it is called the Superstitions is because there are many mysterious stories behind including  Jacob Waltz.  Who is Jacob Waltz you ask? He is known as the Lost Dutchman.  Here is the story…

Superstition Mountain in the Winter

Jacob Waltz was born in a city in Germany where he studied mining.  In about 1840, he emigrated to Saint Louis and was asked to be an American citizen, but he was declined!  He then went to the California Gold Rush like all the other Miners and Prospectors.  He worked for about three different companies.  In 1861 he applied to be a citizen again and was accepted.  One day in the 1870’s him and his friend Jacob Weisner helped Miguel Peralta in a fight.  Miguel (full name Don Miguel Peralta) told them about a amazing treasure of gold.


It was a gold mine found by his family in 1847 in the Superstition Mountains.  Later on, the two Jacobs and Miguel found a very poor amount of gold.  The Apache Indians said that it was sacred grounds.  Later the two Jacobs went alone and the Apache Indians killed Weisner, or was it Jacob!  Jacob later came back in town.  Then there was a terrible rainfall and the town flooded!  Jacob got stuck in his farm for several days and caught pneumonia.  His friend named Julia worried about her ice cream shop so Jacob gave her a small amount of gold which was worth one thousand five hundred dollars.  He later died on October,25,1891.


You can visit our beautiful Superstition Mountains and the Peralta Trails. There are amazing trails and creaks that my family and I hike. I feel lucky to be apart of this beautiful history.  I hope you liked the wonderful culture.


4 Responses to “My Habitat”
  1. Tami Engel says:

    Great blog Justin! Very informative. I’ll make sure Kurt and Aubrey know about it too.

  2. Mrs. Martinez says:

    Super job, Justin! Love your photos 🙂

  3. Justin,

    Wow! What great information. I didn’t even know the story about the Superstitions. Thank you for sharing.

    Bonnie (Mrs. Barrett)

  4. Michael says:

    Hey Justin those mountains sound interesting. It might be a good vacation sight to go hiking and rock climbing. Maybe I’ll suggest it to my family.


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