Hey everybody it is Justinbobcat, and I am here to tell you about an amazing book series called Kingdom Keepers, and written by Ridley Pearson.  It is about a group of kids  that are DHI’s, Disney Host Interactives, or Daylight Hologram Image, just depending on who you ask.  There is a glitch which makes them come to the Magic Kingdom at Disney world, Orlando,Florida, every night as DHI’s  They have to defeat the Overtakers that are trying to change the,”magical wonderland”, into a dark place that no one would want to go to.

The main characters are, Finn (the leader), Maybeck (the showoff), Philby ( the computer nerd), Willa (the actor, and Charlene ( the shy athlete), and then there is Wayne.  He is an old dude that used to be one of Walt Disney’s friends, he is the imagineer that first got all the DHI’s together, and helps them with many things.

There are six books in the series, and Ridley Pearson may write more.  To learn more about this exciting series visit thekingdomkeepers.com



What book would you recommend?

Have you read the Kingdom Keepers?

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Hey,everybody!  It is Justinbobcat, how are you doing?  This post is going to be on the very famous game, Minecraft!  You may have played this game before.  It is by  the game maker, Notch, this game is available on the P.C, X-box, and the pocket edition on tablets.  Although it costs about  $20.00 U.S dollars, it is all worth.  I play almost every day, and, I am pretty happy to say, I am addicted.  There are monsters that try to defeat you, there is, creepers,slimes,endermans,  Herobrine, Ghasts,spiders, zombies,skeletons,spider jockey, bats, zombie pigmen, witches, and there may be a couple more, but I can not think of them all!


Well, that is all I really have to say, oh yeah, don’t forget to play Minecraft at this link http://minecraft.net

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Hey everybody, it is Justin!  I do not know about you but I love orangutans, you might have known this about me from one of my previous blogs about my trip to the zoo.  I have loved them since I saw them at the zoo!  So, I got really excited when my teacher assigned us to do a Orangutan Glogster.  I did this Glogster with my friend Cody, since we all had partners.




Here is the link to his blog        http://blogs.goaj.org/codybobcat

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Hello, me and my friend Lilly made a small Glogster on tornadoes, for a class project here it is…


Here is her link http://blogs.goaj.org/lillianbobcat


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You might be thinking, “Ya, shopping is a sport to me!”.  But this is about football Australia plays a game called football that we call Soccer.  We have a game called football that is well, football.  I play football and my friend plays soccer and there is a lot of differences between the two sports.  It is a Fahrenheit  and Celsius type of thing, only America has the type of football with teams such as New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, and Arizona Cardinals.  Some of the other football  teams are Manchester United, Chealse, and Bolton.  Soccer ,or football, is world wide teams American football is just America.  My friend likes foreign football I like american football.  There are many differences between the two and I can not say them all because I o not play soccer and do not know much about it.  If you do want more information about it go to my blogroll and go to Cody’s Blog.  Well…


                                  What is your favorite sport?   

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I do not know about you but I am really glad about this upcoming  school year!  I know I know, all students reading this are probably thinking this guy is crazy!  Actually i am just thinking about the positives  about it not the negatives.  It is actually really easy to think about those two things alot of people do not realize that though, and students a lot of you do know about it but you don’t think about them at the right times like  two days before the first day of school.  So here’s some examples….



                               Positives          Negatives

I really  like my teacher and class this year,                       But last year was so fun and it won’t be the same.

Oh man, I can’t wait for this year,                                            But I can’t wake up and do whatever i want.



Those were some examples of positives and negatives.  Okay I hope that helped you get ready for school!




Are you looking forward to school now?  

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Hey sorry I have been gone so long I had some stuff to deal with in my family.  Even though that happened it does not mean I can not catch you guys up.( Oh and buy the way I will be talking about my summer so far)

I will be talking about my Trip to the Phoenix Zoo.Me and my family used too always go to the zoo, but we got busy and kind of forgot about it.  So we went to the zoo with my friend one day and got a membership!  Which means we get, free passes to the paddle boats at the lake and we happily did but it was three seats and two were paddle seats and we both wanted to but there had to be an adult up front(Oh HAPPY DAY) so we switched off.  We also got two free guest passes and used one on my friend.  That was all very fun! afterwards we went to get ffrozen yogurt.  To learn more about the Pheonix zoo visit www.phoenixzoo.org




 What was one of your favorite trips to the zoo or any where else you thought was fun?


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I can not believe we are almost done with school and I get to use this fancy typing font!  Actually no I can not use that, but I was not lying about almost being done with school!  The bad part about that is that I am almost done with the challenge too.  So your asking that is what you want to tell me?  No that is not what I wanted to tell you.  I wanted to tell everybody that has watched by blog grow and done comments thank you.  I would also like to give a huge thanks to Edublogs, they are the people who gave me this oppurtunity.  That all seems pretty big but the biggest help was from my teacher Mrs.Fraher.



You can check out her blog in my blogroll, the blog is called Gfraher’s Class and Friends.

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Oh I wish!  Actually what I meant was something I learned that was not in school.  Face it there is at least one thing you learned even if it was from television, or as I like to call it T.V.  Okay one thing I learned lets do some 5 W’s I think it is how to snap.  Not with your fingers with a football! Well you might not know much about football but, there is a player called a center and he is on offense.  He is the one who gives the ball to the quarterback, and no that is not a refund of a quarter!  Of course it was just flag football but it was still football.

Of Course there is other things, but that is a big part of my life.


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SHHHHHH!  You talk to much save it for when we are done with the art!  Ha!  Just kidding.  We will be doing some art though… well actually we will mostly be doing art.

My Piece of Art




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